Tatting is a lace-form that developed in the mid-18th century from the style of knotting done with a handheld shuttle. Popularized by the works of Mlle Riego de la Branchardiére in the mid-19th century, it is now seeing another revival. The entire form consists of variations of one knot and can be done bare-handed, using a hook, on a needle or with a traditional tatting shuttle.

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Amy's Page
Amy, from Mielke's Farm in Wisconsin, has added a simple bookmark pattern.
Unique jewelry, tatted by Irina Astratenkocan of Lithuania, is in an extensive gallery.
Barbara's Tatting
Barbara has tatted five feet of Ann Orr's wide edging pattern, plus two doileys.
A news article from Missouri discusses tatting.
Christiane Eichler
The pattern finder on this site links to over 200 sources. There are also directions on how to tat a square ring, and a comparison of shuttle and needle work.
Danaw Tatted
Her grand-daughter created this memorial to the tatting art of Georgia Azmon.
Donna Marie's Habit Tat
A Van-Dyke edging pattern is included with this gallery of 17 photos.
Donna's Gallery
Doilies, bookmarks, a baby bonnets and a crazy quilt are in this photo album.
Gina's Tat Journal
Scanning as she goes, this journal has lots of 'how to' tips.
Ginny Weathers
Ginny takes one basic edging pattern and makes many different ornamants.
Icelas Fish Bowl of Tatting
Mary shares photos of her awards, exchanges and Palmetto Guild activities.
Index to Tatting Information on the Web
Provides tatting images, patterns, and techniques.
Iris Niebach's Tatting
Iris has put together a photo album of her doilies, edgings and other work. Tips on hiding ends and three patterns.
Jan of Poland
By changing the order of halfstitches, Jan makes the work more uniform, and explains how here. This Lace Artist also shares a gallery of over 100 works.
Jan Voskes' TatLife
In Dutch and English, Jan shares her tatted doilies and other projects.
Joan Thomas Tats
Joan shares her projects, including beading with Nina Libin and Palmetto Tatter Awards.
Kelly Luljak
Kelly shares several patterns and shows an edging that won a ribbon at Kentucky State Fair.
Kersti Anear, list administrator for e-tatters, has collected a library of instructions for over 500 tatting projects - all of which are available on the web. Each of the links includes a thumbnail graphic of the completed project, making it easy to locate specific patterns. A tatted zodiac and some of Kersti's original patterns are also found here.
Knots for R. L.
Erin Poh drafts a poem about tatting through the generations.
Ladies Home Journal
The June 1895 issue of this women's magazine published two tatting patterns.
Lindsay Art 'n' Lace
Lindsay Rogers from Scotland is a designer, author and tutor of international repute.
Mari Tats
A small but intricate gallery of lace can be found on this Italian tatter's home page.
Maria, and Maria Antonietta ,Tat
These two Italian friends have put together a combined gallery of over fifty pieces of lace.
Mary Margeret's Tatting
Mary designed a doll dress and a tatting bag.
Nancy's Tatting
Nancy, an accomplished seamstress, shares how to make a simple blocking board, plus a gallery of a dozen tatted pieces.
Nell's Tatting Page
An autumn corsage and four more unique patterns, all with detailed and well graphed instructions, are at this site.
Nellie Ellison
The complete booklet "Lessons In Tatting' by Nellie Ellison, originally published in 1916, is shared here by Peggy Rowe.
Nina Libin
Semi-precious stones decorate this unique jewelry.
Rachel Jackson's Needle Tatted Art
Based in Louisiana, Rachel designs original needle tatted works.
Rina Stepnaya
Beaded jewelry, tatted by Rina Stepnaya and friends, is the focus of Ankars Gallery, with over 50 pieces. Photos also show the artists and their public exhibits.
Ruth Perry
Writing under the name of Rozella Linden, Ruth shares tips on tatting and photos of her work.
Sumac's Lace Pages
Primarily Celtic tatting, site also contains pictures of 3 bobbin lace pieces.
This Danish tatter shares Easter and Christmas projects, plus doilies.
Terry the Tatter
Terry shares patterns for covered glass ornaments.
Tracy's Tats
Tracy shares four of her doilies.
Ullas Occhi-World
Four German designers share a website. Besides the more than thirty floral works Ursula Dittmar has tatted, she also hosts Helma Seipmann (see her technical samples and instructions at 'seminarmappe') Heiko Pund (maker of amber shuttles) and Christel Weidmann. Christel has designed over ten doilies, ten collars, five necklaces plus an alphabet and a zoo. (English, German)
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