Personal blogs by knitters who want to share tips, ideas, patterns or just rant about every day life.

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Action Hero: Knitting Weblog
Portland Oregon crafty knitter blogs about her projects and life. Since 2001 01.
Adventures In Furryland
Busy homeschooler blogs about knitting and the Furry Family Adventures. Her four generation family lives in rural Delmarva. Since 2007 01.
And She Knits Too
Commenting on her projects and news.
Another Knitting Blog
Research scientist, recovering pessimist and online knitting bozo.
Autumn Sweater
Random thoughts about yarn, knitting, and other things that occupy her time.
A bad ass stay at home mum writes about her life, family, knitting and spinning. Since 2005 05.
Black Dog Knits
A designer's weblog featuring knit fabric creations that exemplify her minimalist aesthetic (Sydney, Australia). Since 2006 06.
Bloomin' Knitiot
Includes patterns and photographs.
The Blue Blog
All about knitting.
Discusses shopping for knitting supplies and own knitting projects. Includes photographs and free patterns.
Brooklyn Knit Chick
Patty of Park Slope Brooklyn USA writes a photo rich blog about many feminine knitting projects. Since 2006 09.
Brooklyn Tweed
A photo weblog by a male knitter from Brooklyn, New York.
Cass Knits!
A personal knitting weblog by a Christian mother of eight.
Chronicles of a Yarn Obsession
A weblog detailing a young Navy wife's ups and downs in knitting, crocheting, and life. Occasional free patterns available.
Clutch Creations
The knitting journal of a mom with two young girls.
A Cognitive Psychologist muses about knitting.
Confessions of a Professional Yarn Fondler
The frequent ramblings of a forty-something fiberartist who just happens to fondle yarn for a living.
Freaky Knitters Unite
The day in the life of a divorced post-punk rocker stuck in small town hell and the only escape is to knit.
G. Bella Knits
A weblog that discusses knitting, yarn, and pattern design.
A Good Yarn
Writing about knitting and other life activities.
Half Baked
Miscellaneous musings about life and knitting.
Handknitters' Blogs
Collection of blogs by handknitters. View current projects, finished objects, stashes.
Knit 2 Par 3
Denise from Hoboken NJ, USA blogs about her craft (knitting) and her new sport (golf). Since 2006 04.
Knit me!
A teen's blog about knitting, amigurumi (knit), art and life. Since 2007 09.
Knit Picker
For the good, the bad and the very, very picky knitter.
Knit, Stitch, Click
Bog about knitting with occasional detours into sewing and photography.
Knitting entries from a graphic artist and quilter.
Random thoughts about knitting, her dog Casey, and other interesting things.
Sharon's weblog about knitting and life.
Knitting Circle
A journal of knitting projects and progress.
Knitting Neels
A craft hobbies journal: knitting, crochet, black and white photography and embroidery.
The Knitting Revolutionary
Discussing knitting and life.
Laura Chau
Blog of a Canadian knitter.
Lynn One, Purl Two
Lynn shows-and-tells about her many knitting projects.
Pictures of updates on her knitting projects.
Moth Heaven
Personal life and knitting projects in a weblog.
My Knitting Life
A New England woman writes about knitting.
My Knitting Machines And Me
A knitter writes about experience with knitting and show some photos of projects.
My Merino Mantra
A Michigan woman writes about knitting, and posts her photographs of everyday beauty.
Pulsh. Push. Pull. Knit
Knitting weblog with patterns and knitting discussion.
QueerJoe's Knitting Blog
A listing of adventures and misadventures in this passion for knitting.
Rainy Day
A weblog about knitting, art, design, and life in Los Angeles
The Running Yarn
Vegan knitter and marathoner shares patterns and recipes.
The Scottish Lamb
Posts about life and knitting projects.
Small Hands
Sharing her knitting projects.
Snarled Yarns
Perspectives on knitting, spinning and life from an Omaha, Nebraska woman.
Split Yarn
Knitting up a storm.
Thread, String And The Rest Of It
CC of San Diego USA, writes about her knitting, spinning projects, and pets. She features many colorful projects. Since 2006 09.
Through the Back Loop
Adventures in knitting, fiber arts, and family.
Type-K: Type-A Knitting Obsession
Los Angeles knitter writes about her recipient-centered knitting projects and her love of audio books. Since 2007 05.
UKnitters blogring
A group of UK bloggers who knit. Includes links to the members websites.
Unfurnished Brooklyn
Exploits of a knitter and her family in New York.
Vintagefusion Knits n Crochets
Singapore knitter and crocheter.
Wendy Knits!
Knitting and spinning.
Yarn Demon
A weblog about life and knitting by an owner of a yarn store.
Yarn Harlot
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee goes on (and on) about knitting.
Yarn Stash
Keeping track of her ever growing yarn stash.
Needle art as life.
Knitting the news for the ‘Delit Maille’
The BBC reports on Anna, from Lille, who recreates news events by knitting dolls and posting images on a blog. (December 30, 2011)
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