'Knitting is the art/craft of making an object by joining loops of yarn, either by hand or machine.' Knitting as a category contains knitters, magazines, webrings, free patterns, design sources, educational sources, yarn and fiber information, and cultural and regional sources. Personal home pages on knitting and non-selling sites.
Amber's Knitting Machine
Offers links to designers, suppliers, machine repair, accessories, yarn and upcoming seminars.
Antique Sock Knitting Machine Museum
Information and photographs of early circular and flat sock machines and information on making them work. Instruction manuals and sock knitting machine needles for sale.
Bond List Thoughts
Contains patterns, hints and tips for Bond, Classic, Elite, and ISM knitting machines from the Bond List Subscribers.
Carolina's Machine Knitters Guild
Newsletter with patterns, tips, and events and workshop listings.
Get Knitting
Patterns, hints and designs downloadable for machine knitting.
The Guild of Machine Knitters
UK based non-profit organization which aims to increase the awareness of machine knitting as a craft both in the UK and abroad.
Heidi's Knitting Room
Includes information, techniques and small projects. The techniques range from lace, trims, to cables. Many of these are applicable to any machine.
Interknit Machine Knitters Guild
For the support, education, and fellowship of machine knitters of all experience and expertise levels. Based in the West Chicago Park District, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Jenny's Knit-O-Matic
Free on-line utility for machine knitters.
Machine Knit
Home of the Machine Knit and other email lists; contains tips, free patterns, links, software, and classified ads.
NSW Machine Knitters Association
Promotes all aspects of machine knitting and helps increase machine knitters knowledge and skills by organising workshops, seminars, tutorials and weekends with tutors. Includes events and club listings. Australia.
Roni Knutson's Machine Knitting
Studio/Silver-Reed/Singer knitting machine charts and accessories. Offers free patterns and tip sheets for three main gauges of machines.
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