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Catawba Valley Pottery of North Carolina
Provides information about the region's folk art potters and their wares. Includes brief biographies of some of the artists such as Burlon Craig and Charles Lisk.
Ceramic History for Potters
Comprehensive collection of historical information covering ceramic objects, pottery, glazing and firing techniques. Compiled and written by Victor Bryant.
Early Islamic Tiles
An exhibition of tiles, with references, from the 14th-17th century collected by Lockwood de Forest in 1880-86 while in partnership with Louis Comfort Tiffany.
A Glance At: The History of Mexican Ceramics
A very brief history of Mexican ceramics from pre-Hispanic times to contemporary art. Illustrated.
Goodfellow Potteries
The history of the potteries of Thomas Goodfellows I and II, father and son, both master potters at Burslem and Tunstall, in Stoke-0n-Trent, Staffordshire, England.
Greek Vase Museum Replicas
Reproductions of five types of Greek vases geometrical, Corinthian, black or red figure vase, and white ground vases. Site provides magnificent color galleries of sample work.
A History of Pottery
Article discussing types of wares, decorating techniques and major traditions of the west.
Maria Julian Pottery
Providing detailed historical data of Maria Martinez's family and the San Ildefonso pottery heritage.
The Medieval Pottery Research Group
Bringing together people with an interest in the pottery vessels that were made, traded, and used in Europe between the end of the Roman period and the 16th century.
NativeTech: Pottery & Clay
Topically organized educational information emphasizing the Eastern Woodlands region.
The Potteries
List of potters including photos, background and history from North Staffordshire, England.
Pottery Talks
This site illustrates the goal of artist-educator, Russ McKeel, to give students the opportunity to closely examine historic pottery and artifacts, and to learn more about design, form, function, and ceramic techniques. Russ McKeel - Lecturer and Artist
Shearwater Pottery: Dreaming in Clay
The history of Shearwater Pottery, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Archives and documents
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