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Sites providing resources towards researching the comic book medium, and examples of how that reseach is put to academic use.

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Australian DC Comics Reprint Gallery
Documents Australian DC Comic reprints from the 1940s to 1980s by Colour Comics, Planet Comics, Murray Comics, Federal Comics and Australian Edition DC.
BZZURKK! - The Thesaurus of Champions
Thesaurus of comic book onomatopaea. Starting from the sound, this site lists the different words used to express it. By Kevin Taylor.
Camelot In Four Colors
A survey of the Arthurian legend in comic books and strips
Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia
Offers a chronological and pictorial history of the medium, biographies of creators and publishers, and a gallery of comic book art.
Comics 1 - Fine Arts 0 : The Site
This site presents the American scientist Roger Franck Black's notebook, in which he tries to prove that fine art is derived from comics, and not vice versa. A very nice piece by Laurent Bourrouilhou
The comics scholars' discussion list, serves as an academic forum for those involved in research, criticism and teaching related to comics art.
Fredric Wertham: Anti-Comics Crusader Who Turned Advocate
A page about the famous American psychiatrist who believed comic books inspired young people to commit crime, and who later became a comic book fan himself.
Grand Comic Book Database
Indexing every comic book ever made from all over the world. Online searchable database and email chat.
The official website for Manga historian and scholar Frederick L. Schodt, with the latest news on all of his projects, and interviews with creators.
Ka-boom! - A Dictionary of Comicbook Words on Historical Principles
An alphabetical list of all the words that are typical for comic books (onomatopaea, e.a.), with variants and locations. Compiled by Kevin Taylor.
R.C. Harvey
Homepage for R. C. Harvey, author of "The Art of the Funnies" and "The Art of the Comic Book". With information on both books and columns about comics and strips in general.
the Wally Wood letters
Correspondence between John Hitchcock and the great comic book artist Wally Wood in the last years of his life. 18 letters, annotated by Hitchcock.
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