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This category collects sites which are about comics creators. These sites mainly deal with the career and the works of the creator, and not with one or two of his titles. For sites about a particular book, please refer to Arts/Comics/Titles.

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Alanguilan, Gerry
Homepage of Filipino comic book artist. Includes gallery, art tips and opinions.
Alvine, Ken
Features samples of strips and offers publication and syndication information of work by the artist through Creative Comic Productions.
Andersson, Max
Swedish cartoonist, creator of Pixy and Car-Boy.
Baillie, David
Comics and stories from Scottish small-press artist and writer working in London.
Beatty, Gary Scott
Illustrator and comic book colorist offering printing, publishing, promotion and logo services, whose work includes The Wedding of Popeye and Olive, Adventures of Aaron Sunday strips and On the Shore magazine covers. Includes information on services offered, coloring, and image galleries.
Beerends, Piet
A.D. Productions. Sketchbook and online strips, including weekly panel Idiosyncs.
Bertozzi, Nick
Creator of Boswash and Rubber Necker. Site has illustration portfolio and Flash animations.
Biggs, Brian
Information on the artist and online comics.
Bihn, Julie
Hundreds of pages of original online comics and manga, in many different writing genres.
Blair, Emily
Example art, reviews, and ordering information.
Blanchard, Jim
Illustrator and long-time collaborator on Peter Bagge's Hate. Biography and art samples.
Blum, Geoffrey
Expert on the art of Scrooge McDuck creator Carl Barks, script writer in the Duck universe, and author. Also columns and articles on fiction and music.
Bodé, Mark
Official site, with samples of comics, graffiti and tattoo art, and an essay on his father Vaughn Bodé's influence on graffiti.
Brereton, Dan
Information on book, Nocturnals, by this writer of Dark Horse's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Burrows, Jacen
Collection of penciled comic book work for London Night Studios.
Byrne, Adam
Comic book artist and animator displays his wares - includes sample images and resume.
Campbell, Kelly
Keltoons. Illustrator and editorial cartoonist loves his dog Rooter so much he created a comic book about him.
Campiti, David
Glass House Graphics. Features overview of the books Campiti works on, with cover and alternate samples for each.
Carter, Jon
The official web site of the cartoonist, featuring strips, animation and gift shop.
Chick, Jack
Writer and publisher of cartoon religious tracts. Online comics and ordering.
Clarity, Sean
Comic book and graphic illustrations by Joe Kubert school student. Includes sketches, pencils, inks and color work. Also features sequential narrative pages.
Cline, Adam
Samples of sketches, finished projects, and published work.
Colon-Ortiz, Vanesa Littlecrow
Official site of the creator of the Nine Lives of Catnose, Polska Sucka, Sammy and other comics creations. Includes samples and FAQ.
Cooney, David
Cartoons by professional cartoonist David Cooney. Cartoons about: medical, science, business, animal, religious, Christian.
Cooper, Dave
Creator of Suckle and Weasel. Online comics, animations, merchandise.
Corona, Roberto
A portfolio drawing on seven years of comics and commercial illustration from packaging to corporate identity to web graphics. Includes four complete, original comic strips.
Crane, Jordan
Reddingk (formerly Red Ink). Catalog of mini-comics and other work from the editor of Non.
Culpepper, Mike
Several online comics including Icelandic saga adaptation The Witchfeud.
Cusimano, Mick
Various comic strips and panels including cartoons about a rooster.
Dale, Jeremy
Graphic Panda. Sketches, cartoon galleries, comic galleries, established characters rendered by the artist.
Dame Darcy
Information about Meat Cake comics, biography, animation, prints, dolls, palm reading, music, and current events.
Dangle, Lloyd
Satirical weekly comic strip Troubletown. Online strips and ordering.
Dawson, Mike
Information on comic titles Gabagool and Cabaret.
Dean, Abner
Fan page with small image gallery for this 1940s cartoonist and illustrator.
Dee, Natalie
Official site for the artist's paintings, advice, journal, and biography. New comic art every weekday since 2001.
Diana, Mike
Creator of Boiled Angel. Original artwork for sale.
Dibble Jr., James
Welcome to the home of JDP Comics online. All works are created by James Dibble, Jr.
Dijkhuis, Reinder
Dutch creator of fantasy and autobiographical comics. Online comics, sketches, and personal history.
Dorgathen, Hendrik
Experimental comics, illustration, and animation by German cartoonist Hendrik Dorgathen. With a short biography.
Official website and daily drawings of self-proclaimed "Inter-Net Superstar" known only as "drew".
Drooker, Eric
Author of Flood and Blood Song, contributor to World War 3 Illustrated. Bio, bibliography, comics, slide shows, prints for sale.
Dumais, Steph
Online edition of the Raisinlove Underground Comix zine.
Duron, Michael
Caricature artist and graphic illustrator. Includes original comic art.
Elliott, Phil
Art samples from UK cartoonist and animator.
Englehart, Steve
Biography and book by book overview of the writer's work.
Erbes, Eric
The online portfolio of Eric Erbes. Features examples of artwork, greeting card designs, comics, animated shorts, inking, and digital coloring.
Ewing, Brian
Features sample artwork from this illustrator.
Faber, Rich
Illustrator and comic book inker. Artist information and portfolio.
Fama, Gene
Includes a short biography, comics showcase, illustration work, and an online comic.
Feign, Larry
American cartoonist based in London and Hong Kong. Features comic strips "The World of Lily Wong", "The Royals" and other illustrations.
Fetch, Toc
Surrealist comics about "the life of a soul." Art samples and ordering.
Fingerman, Bob
Creator of Minimum Wage and Beg the Question.
Fisher, Seth
Flowering Nose. Official site of science-fiction artist, with art gallery, merchandise, and games.
Ford, Mark
Gag cartoons and illustrations.
Forney, Ellen
Official home site. Includes samples of her illustrations and comics (including "I Was Seven in '75"), brief bio and merchandise for sale.
Foss, Langdon
A Better Llama Graphics. Cartoonist with stories published in Heavy Metal and New Thing. Online comics and illustration gallery.
Foster, Michael
Comic strips about Larry the alien and his coffee shop. Creator of the children's book When Larry Met Sadie, and illustration portfolio.
Chicago comic book illustrator and creator of Xstacy. Contains artwork and pin-ups for Marvel, DC and independent comic book publishers. [Requires Flash]
Freas, Frank Kelly
Original art and prints by the Dean of Science Fiction Artists, Frank Kelly Freas
Freeman, John
Uncle Sloppy's Pleasure Circus. Black humor comics from an artist and musician with Tourette's syndrome.
Frise, Jimmy
Biography and samples from the 25-year career of this Canadian newspaper cartoonist (1890-1948).
Furgason, Sharon
Inky Lagoon. Comics and illustrations by New York-based creator of self-published comic Archipelago.
Gaddis, David
Online comics, including the long story "Piercing."
Gavila, Robert
Artist website with samples of graphic novels and strips. Creator of Nisha, Wally Weber, and MarsII.
Gerber, Steve
Biography, bibliography, writings, interviews, and quiz.
Gertler, Nat
Creator of The Factor and writer of many comics stories. Plus Mister U.S. and his latest cameos.
Ghura, Antonio
Antonio Ghura's underground comics for sale.
Giardini, Daniele
Italian illustrator. Biography, bibliography, and samples of his work.
Goni, Fernando
Projects, portfolio, and biography.
Gonick, Larry
Creator of educational comics including The Cartoon History of the Universe.
Green, Adam
Single-panel humor cartoons. Collections available.
Gregory, Roberta
Creator of the comic "Naughty Bits," starring Bitchy Bitch.
Griffith, Bill
Official site for Zippy the Pinhead and information on the artist's other works.
Grimes, John
Humor for thinkers. Funny panel cartoons, Web graphics, and illustrations for editorial and advertising, specializing in business, relationships, computers, family life, and the nuances of annoyance.
Hahn, David
Freelance illustrator and cartoonist of comic series Private Beach. Includes comic art, design, rendering, and contact information.
Hamm, Jesse
Comics and information from the creator of "Comics to Bore and Confuse You".
Hanuka, Asaf
Israeli cartoonist/illustrator, co-creator of Bipolar Comics.
Hanuka, Tomer
Illustration portfolio and information about Bipolar Comics.
Hayes-Chute, Ethan
Maine/Providence mini-comics artist (Nature's Milkshake).
Hellman, Danny
Cartoonist and illustrator (Screw Magazine, Legal Action Comics). Portfolio and book information.
Helnwein, Gottfried
The art and the comic-culture, Mickey in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, drawings, paintings, essays about comic-art and an interview with Disney-artist Carl Barks, the great creator of Donald Duck.
Online comics, sketchbooks, and mini-comic catalog from self-published cartoonist (aka Eli Bishop).
Holden, Paul J.
Gallery, weblog, and message board for Belfast-based comic artist who has drawn for 2000AD, Warhammer Monthly, and Fantagraphics.
Hook, Jeff
Twice weekly cartoons, cartoon archives, books, and other art-work from award winning Australian cartoonist.
Hosler, Jay
Professor of biology who blends science and art in his comics Clan Apis and The Sandwalk Adventures. Sample artwork and storylines, science cartoons and work in production.
Hudnall, James
Information on projects like Halloween Comics, Espers, Age of Heroes, Shut Up and Die, and Devastator. Also, biography, bibliography, various ramblings and a preview gallery.
Huizenga, Kevin
Creator of Supermonster. Mini-comics catalog and on-line stories.
Jackson, Tim
Creative License Studio Inc. A sample of his work, licensing information and a regular feature, showcasing pioneering cartoonists of color.
Jay, Damien
Plates are Cult, mini-comics, online comics, sketches and ephemera.
Katchor, Ben
Features publications and events, weekly strips, books, postcards and posters.
Kelso, Megan
Author of Girlhero, Queen of the Black Black, Artichoke Tales. Bio, bibliography, illustration portfolio.
Kerschbaum, John
Fontanelle Press - official home of The Wiggly Reader, Petey and Pussy and other titles. Online comics and book ordering.
Kibuishi, Kazu
Bolt City. Online comics Copper, Clive and Cabbage; sketchbook and animation; illustration portfolio.
Kitchen, Alexa
Graphic storyteller and America's youngest professional cartoonist at age seven.
Kitchen, Alexa S.
Cartoon stories by a six-year-old artist.
Kolarov, Vlad
e!Toon. The daily comic strips!
Ladronn, J.O.
Presentation of artist's unpublished and published work, with some nice previews and a regularly updated publication schedule.
Lantry, Stephanie
Free-lance artist. Includes personal page, interests and online portfolio.
Larsen, Erik
Fan site with news, works list, profile, interviews, poll, images, and links.
Lay, Carol
Samples of her weekly comic strip Story Minute, an illustrated autobiography, an online portfolio, stuff to buy and links.
Lewis, Pat N.
Lunchbreak Comics. Humor strips from Pittsburgh artist; samples online, and catalog of mini-comics.
Lindner, Ellen
Online comics, catalog and portfolio by this mini-comics/zine creator (Little White Bird/Megacom, The Egg Mysterious).
Lipka, Mark
Offers a gallery of comic book art for viewing and purchase, insights into comic art, a sketch-book and a resume for the artist.
Little, Jason
Beekeeper Cartoon Amusements. Home of the mystery adventure strip Bee, plus Jack's Luck Runs Out and other Little works.
Lunari, Enzo
Homepage with information about himself and his creations.
Lynch, Jay
Creative Solutions. The home page of Chicago's legendary satirist, cartoonist, and illustrator.
Mandrake, Tom
Official site. Portfolio, behind-the-scenes, merchandise, contact info, and message board.
McFarlane, Todd
Creator of "Spawn", McFarlane Toys, and "Angela."
McGregor, Don
Cyberpad. Writer of Sabre, Zorro, Detectives Inc., Hopalong Cassidy, Ragamuffins, and Alexander Risk.
McKeever, Sean
Eisner award-nominated writer of "The Waiting Place" as well as numerous comic book titles from Marvel Comics and other publishers.
Melia, Sergio
Information and drawings.
Mhan, Pop
Illustrator for Dark Horse, Marvel, Wildstorm. Image gallery, story of the artist's career, and art for sale.
Milazzo, Tone
Freelance comic writer spotlighting various samples and projects.
Minter, Ken
Online strips, illustrations, and sketchbook.
Moore, Dean
Black and white cartoons by Australian cartoonist.
Moore, Leah
Freelance writer of comics, scripts, articles, and short stories.
Moriarity, Pat
Information and art samples. Including extracts from Loop-de-Loop, a rather absurd comic strip from the music magazine The Rocket.
Mosley, Zack
Official site. Vintage cartoons especially for aviation buffs and World War II (WWII) veterans. Original art for sale.
Mullins, Nick
Story samples from Litmus Test as well as illustrations and poetry.
Nash, Ken
"My Gene Pool and Techniks", cartoons about computers and technology. Also the Global Cartoon Project.
Nelson, Kelli
Weekly and mini comics, art, news, links, and information about author.
Neno, Michael
Creator of Xeric winner Reactionary Tales. Includes biography, art for sale, and comic strip Quacky Pig.
Newell, Eddy
Official site for fantasy/superhero artist (Black Lightning, Werewolf the Apocalypse).
Niles, Steve
Creator of Hellspawn and Fused. Profile, bibliography, news on various projects, interviews, desktop wallpaper, and message board.
Noeth, Chris
Official site of this game and comic artist. Online sketches, 2D and 3D artwork and news about his current projects.
Norton, Mike
Miketron2000. Information on the artist, his comics, and his life.
Olindo, Christina
Italian illustrator and creator of the vampire comic "Oltre" ("Beyond"). In Italian and English.
Artwork, comics, movie reviews, and the occasional rant.
Orff, Joel
Comics and drawings, including the weekly strip Great Moments in Rock 'n' Roll.
Pachoumis, Peter
Illustrator who has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, and Wildstorm. Gallery, portfolio, and original art for sale.
Palnik, Paul
Cartoons about faith and spirituality in daily life, approaching profound questions through humor.
Park, Andy
Personal artwork, penciler of Tomb Raider. Includes comics, illustrations, biography, contact information and art for sale.
Payne, Henry
Syndicated newspaper cartoonist whose work appears in The Detroit News and other publications nationwide.
Samples of the artist's drawings.
Pender, Ken
Showcase of art with biographical information, art previews and galleries, original art for sale and a message board.
Percival, Matt
Member of the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain and Federation of European Cartoonists
Persoff, Ethan
Cartoonist's personal site contains Teddy, winner of a 2002 SXSW Web Award.
Peters, Michael L.
Comics, fantasy art, and illustration by artist who has been published by Heavy Metal, Image, and Caliber.
Phillips, Kevin
Portfolio of illustration, cartoons, comics and fantasy art.
Pien, Lark
Creator of Long Tail Kitty, Mr. Boombha, and Stories from the Ward. Online comics, portfolio, sketchbook, travel photos.
Porcellino, John
King-Cat Comics and Stories. Catalogue of back issues, merchandise available.
Potthast, Andreas
Retrograd Comix, home of violent painted fantasy comics Doktor Lopez and Battle Babe. Artist information in English, comics in German.
Priest, Christopher J.
Profile, contests, theme songs, and general information.
Boston-based cartoonist and animator.
Short introduction to the work of this Belgian cartoon artist.
Rainey, Jason
A portfolio of sequential art and illustration.
Raskin, Jordan
Artists official website highlighting creator owned comic industry of war. Features online portfolio of artist.
Rees, David
Creator of clip-art comics Get Your War On and My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable. Weekly strips and archives.
Reid, Mikhaela Blake
Political cartoons, illustrations, and weblog from Boston Phoenix cartoonist.
Riddle, Theodore
Monolith Comics. Features superhero series Compu-M.E.C.H.
Riggs, Robin and Elayne
Soulmate Productions. Official site of DC and Marvel comics artist Robin Riggs and writer/critic Elayne Riggs.
Rio, Al
Official website with image artist work, online store, image gallery and mailing list.
Roth, Arnold
Artist's site features biography, portfolio and contact information.
Scalzo, Kevin
Comics, paintings and illustrations.
Schaal, Mari
Home page for the mini-comic Estrus and other work; catalog, art samples, and interviews.
Segrelles, Vicente
Author of The Mercenary. News, images, and how to paint. [Spanish and English]
Semegran, Scott
Cartoonist of comic titles including Mr. Grieves, A Perpetual State of Bliss, and Near Oltorf.
Senft, Kevin (Blond)
Digital coloring gallery with featured images.
Sheets, Abram
Artist information, comics and illustration gallery.
Shiga, Jason
Creator of Meanwhile, Double Happiness, Fleep. Site features many online comics, some in an interactive format.
Sies, John
The internet home of the Artczar - cartoons, humorous illustration science fiction and fantasy art and creative consulting. Includes biographical information.
Simpson, Carol
Single-panel humor and political cartoons about business and labor. Updated frequently.
Slade, Arthur G.
Official site for novelist and comics writer (Hallowed Knight, Shades of Slade).
Slayton, Cal
Portfolio of comic book, cartoon, and web graphics.
Smallwood-Garcia, John
News and showcase of self-published work.
Soden, Khris
Comics, projects, and free web art.
Sook, Ryan
Official site including events, gallery, and original art for sale.
Spungifeel Comics
Showcasing this absurdist artist T. Weier's eccentric work including minicomic offerings, daily cartoons, and greeting cards.
Stall, Vincent
King Mini International. Mini-comics catalog, related merchandise, and sketchbook.
Stazer, Tom
Stazerland. Official site of artist and his creations: Spaced, Crazy Bob, Lionheart, Ed the Grocer.
Stephens, Jay
Information on his publications, with online examples and original art for sale. From Starwatcher.
Steranko, Jim
Online exhibition of the art of Jim Steranko.
Stevens, Dave
Official site with information about Dave Stevens, his creation The Rocketeer, a FAQ-sheet and an art gallery.
Stone, Larry
A collection of strips, full pagers and other illustrations.
Stular, Andrej
Active on various fields including arts, comics, photography and film. Offers samples and listing of works.
Swarte, Joose
Official site of this Dutch industrial designer and comics artist. Artist information, drawings, art for sale. In English, Dutch, and French. [Requires Flash]
Swenson, Jeff
Strips and gag panels including The Cynic and Frenetic Wanderings; clip art gallery; Flash games.
Taylor, James
Official site for inker and graphic designer. Includes a resume, portfolio, and commissions.
Taylor, Richard A.
Taylor presents his line of cartoon characters first created in 1968, and long since drawn at children's festivals.
Tenuta, Saverio
The website for fans and original art collectors.
Thillet, Hector
Hector's Fantagie. Original artwork, mangas, anime, graphic novels, and stories.
Tong, Andie
Original sequential artwork.
Trembles, Rick, Montreal cartoonist's site featuring Motion Picture Purgatory (cartoon movie reviews), original art for sale, and music from his band The American Devices.
Trevor Alixopulos
Art and illustration portfolio. California, US.
Tsai, Francis
Online portfolio of author, conceptual designer for Presto Studios.
Valdez, Danny
A collection of comic book style artwork from a young aspiring artist.
Vancata, Brad
Art and Imagining. Professional artist Brad Vancata's art and images for sale.
Varon, Sara
Online comics and catalog from this New York cartoonist and animator.
Vidon, Jean-Philippe
Portfolio of editorial and children's book illustrator. Includes comics and graphic novels samples.
Vlachakis, John
Portfolio of pin-ups and sequential art. [Requires Flash]
Wallis, Bruce Allen
Full color adventures of Muggs Mulcher, the meanest, toughest, ugliest man in the Multiverse.
Ward, Sean
Features comics, animation, videos, and photos.
Watson, Gregbo
Showcases the art of this professional illustrator including his work on "The Flea."
Wilkins, Simeon
Robot Operator Manuals. Storyboard artist for Hellboy, and creator of independent comics (Breakfast) with Astronaut and Mr. Winter 1958. Includes comic art, storyboard illustrations, and fine art.
Williams, Edgar J.
Prosperous Warrior Productions features the work of Edgar J. Williams, Christian comics artist and instructor of "How to draw comic heroes God's way," teaching comic art from a Christian perspective.
Williams, Simon
Portfolio of work including The Hulk, Death's Head, and the Discotronic Funk Commandos.
Wilson, Monte
Features art from the fantasy comic book,"Elfin Romance."
Windett, Dave
Freelance comic book artist, cartoonist, and illustrator. Features samples of work from Fox, Warner Bros., original character design, and book illustration.
Windsor-Smith, Barry
The official web site of graphic storyteller and artist for "Conan" and "X-Men."
Woodring, Jim
Woodring Mania. Information on his "Frank" series, a gallery and creator information.
Wrightson, Bernie
Official site features latest news, appearances, and a fan club.
Zeck, Mike
Home page of comic book artist. Includes checklist, step-by-step section, artwork and books for sale.
Zettwoch, Dan
Online strips and catalog by mini-comics creator of Collectin', Ironclad, and editor for small-press anthology Impossible.
Zuvela, Tony
Australian single panel Cartoonist and creator of Berserk Alert.
Amazing Comics: Mark Waid Interview
The writer speaks about Kingdom Come, Fantastic Four, and Superman: Birthright. (November 21, 2003)

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