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Salamander Bits
Unique daily cartoon that mixes a new face with a different quote each day. Many of these ideas and portraits are developed during artist T. wEieR's frequent trips on public transportation.
Sam and Fuzzy
Serial about a cab driver and his bear-like friend by Sam Logan. Offers a reader's guide, forum, and frequently asked questions.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
A collection of bizarre humor.
Features an archive 2000-2003. By Eric Toffey.
Savage Chickens
Cartoons on sticky notes. By Doug Savage.
Home of the college and political humor-themed comic strip. By Zach Martz.
About a dastardly plan to steal the world's underpants. Offers screensavers, the series, icons, t-shirts, and a movie.
Schlock Mercenary
Travel the galaxy. Meet new and fascinating life-forms.
School Spirit
The comic misadventures of Casper, Cody and Co. Join them as they fumble through grade five.
Scooter and Ferret
Former pets and incompatible roommates star in a new strip every four days. Includes games, a forum, downloads and cartoon shorts.
The Scott Tirades
A teenager's gripes about the unfairness of life. Includes past comics and information about the artist.
Scott's Mind
Cartoons like a car crash. You know it's going to be twisted, but you stop and look, anyway. Plus evil clown generator and celrebrity defacer.
Scribble Cartoon
Straight from the warped imagination of underground cartoonist, Josh Hara.
Detailing the life and times of two best friends. Includes an archive and character profiles.
Sentient Thirty-Nine Weirdworks
Illustrated selections from the Journals of Lado Perapek, who crossed two thirds of the known galaxy in sixty years.
Severe Boredom
Based on an extra-curricular project of two High School friends.
Severed Toe
A weird comic that has body parts as characters. By Phillip Oliver-Paull.
Shallow Grave Comics
A collection of comic strips created by Sean Polyn, graduate student of Princeton University.
The Shazniks
Features comic strips, and information about the characters.
Cartoon following the adventures of a ten-year old genius, his talking duck, and their billion-dollar web company. Created by Dave Kellett.
The Shikwekwes
A Kenyan cartoon that peeks into the lives of a wacky Kenyan family as they come to grips with the 21st century.
Shit Happens
The misadventures of two losers. Art, About, and Archives.
A webcomic about toys by David Willis.
Sidewalk Bubblegum
Political and social commentary from the pen of Clay Butler. Syndicated comic strip covers issues such as war, gender, capitalism, race and environment.
Strip dealing with contemporary issues and religion. Created by Tatsuya Ishida.
Situation Nowhere
The harrowing tale of a boy with no last name, lost in a suburban hell with only his attractive yet sexually non-threatening side kick to help him, in a loosely-reality-based comic strip, by Joe.
Skinny Panda
Comic strip about a Panda by Phil Cho.
Weekly political cartoon by Jen Sorensen, appearing in alternative newspapers around the country.
Small World
Starring "Tad", a philosopher, consumer and victim of modern life. New strips every Friday. Free e-mail subscriptions.
An online comic about a bunch of friends trying their best not to kill each other.
The Official site of "Snake Tales" and "Lennie the Loser" comic strips, by Australian cartoonist, Sols.
Free daily panel cartoon by Jason Love. With an archive and some extra goodies.
Sneaky and Creepy
A cartoon about two roaches. Also offers a short introduction to an animation project, ecards and character sketches.
Snorty and Co.
The cartoon adventures of an English mini-car.
Snowball In Hell
An innocent six-year-old girl and the Demon of Undercooked Pasta embark on a quest through the nether realms. By Kyle Burles and Mike Rieger.
Soap On A Rope
Daily comic strip by Bob Roberds with a complete archive.
Soda Venture
A computer graphic comic by Jacob Gray - includes an archive and character profiles
A Softer World.
Weekly webcomic and a collection of subversive resumes.
Cartoons of eccentric thought and weird scribblings updated daily. Somedaze has appeared in newspaper and magazines all over the place. Read it for a daily laugh in contemporary humor.
The Spade-Men
A group of friends become unlikely superheroes when they are stuck by lightning while playing video games.
A loony and toony cartoon that likes to use slapstick comedy and witty phrases. Starring SpamFish, an orange cat.
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Follow the adventures of a magical girl as she fights the evil forces. Features an archive and a forum.
Spencer Green
Full run of this college cartoon by Peter Zale.
Spoil Sports
Sports cartoons by Dominic Nunziato. A sports column in every cartoon.
Spungifeel Comics and Somedaze Cartoons
The eccentric daily cartoons Somedaze and Salamander Bits.
Comic strip about life at a country bed and breakfast.
Star Jam
Original comic strip about a bumbling star ship captain and his crew.
Steverino and his friends go about their daily lives. Includes archive, artist information and character profiles.
Stick Dude
Adventures and opinions of a stick figure and his friends.
The adventures of a talking stick figure.
Stickman Limited
Comics featuring Stickman Limited and Alabama Bones. Good humor. Bad art.
Stivers, Mark
The cartoonist features an archive and is a piano tuner too. Features original songs and a weblog.
Strange Candy
Manga-style funny strip. By Okashina Okashi.
Strip For Me
Douglas Noble and his comic strips, including Strip For Me, borders, and the devil in eden.
Stripped Again
A humorous comic strip about the lives of some college students and friends, struggling to survive, including with the opposite sex. By Morten B. Helland.
Stripped Books
A non-fiction strip about books and comic events. Also features Multiplex and other cartoons. By Gordon McAlpin.
Suburban Jungle
The life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger. By John "the Gneech" Robey.
Suburban Squalor
Chronicles the hilarious adventures of a teenage depressive.
Meet the superhero Silver Snaker, the aggressive skating professional Dark Rider or the little French boy Petit Jacques. Our Online-Comic is updated every Sunday. Special Feature: have a look at some scanned images from our schoolbooks.
Sun Fun Cartoons
An archive from a British newspaper called The Sun, containing Hagar the Horrible, George and Lynne, Sun Fun and political cartoons.
Daily Comic Strip in color by Chris Crosby.
Original humorous comic strip featuring a flying superhero from the dark side of the moon. Includes archives since 1996.
About I.T workers in college. Features a gallery and a forum.
A new flavor of humor from India. By Ashok Dongre.
Syntax Comics
Humorous strip by artist/author Owanno Megumi.
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