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Raccoon Toons
Featuring the adventures of Matt and his roommate Michael Raccoon. By Matthew Taylor.
Radioactive Panda
About the misadventures of several roommates, and the giant panda they can't seem to get rid of.
Ralf Ryder
Weekly comic strip by L. Carlson and Bill Smith. Also featuring weekly installments of Pacific Rag and Husky Tales.
Ralph Snart
Flash-animated strip about the chaotic adventures of a deranged accountant's loutish alter ego. By Marc Hansen.
Random Pixels
Black and white random funny thoughts by Brian Buckley.
Rat Creature
Features a film noir style detective story, science fiction stories and autobiographical comics.
Real Life
A daily online comic about the normal lives of some abnormal people. By Gregg Dean.
Reality Challenged
About Lizzie, a gothpunk gamer and her friends.
Reckless Youth
Comic about collection of London youth living rather strange lives.
Recovery Cartoons
Cartoons by BenBen the Fisherman depicting the lighter side of 12-step recovery.
Red Meat
The self-proclaimed "most tasteless and twisted comic strip in the world". From the secret files of Max Cannon. Regularly updated, with a generous backlog.
Register One
A full color comic occasionally about retail, usually random. By Mike Ross and Drew McGhie.
A webcomic about random college life. Includes archives, cast, and about.
Reinventing the Wheel
Life-based webcomic about creating world change and not going insane in the process.
Rob After the Nuclear War
About Rob and his adventures in post-apocalyptic New England. Also includes a selection of editorial cartoons by the artist.
Rob's World
Humorous sprite-based comic.
The Robman Show
A cartoon about a fanboy's search for love, happiness and cheaper comics.
Rocketship Ginger
Comic strip by Katherine Phelps about a small girl who's also a fearless astronaut.
Room 825
Odd coincidences, and the college students who live through them. By Traegorn Ravenhawk.
Rudy Park
Full-color weekly strip about the search for meaning in the modern world, starring a naive 20-something busboy at a cybercafe. By Theron Heir and Darrin Bell.
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