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P and P
Online comic whose cast includes a bird, a worm, and two brothers and a band. By Richard Gwynn.
The Pain - When Will It End
Tim Kreider's satirical weekly strip.
Paragon Fishing
Features the exploits of three characters, two of which are roommates. Not always a happy ending.
This is a twice-weekly clip art comic strip for grownups, by Rob Balder.
Past Expiry
A weird and offbeat single panel cartoon by Johnny Ancich.
Pathetisad the Comic
About a group of friends who barely tolerate each other and hardly understand reality.
Adventures of the fashion-challenged, herring obsessed inhabitants of an odd little penguin-dominated parallel universe.
Gary Blehm's strip asks the reader to find the matching pair in a lineup of stick figures. Archived strips, animations, and merchandise. [Requires Flash]
Penny Arcade
Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins.
Features archives, cast and bio. By Jamal Slater.
A Perfect World
Weekly panel cartoon by Linda Causey, with archive.
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Offbeat comic strip by Nicholas Gurewitch. Includes archives, information about the author, and purchases.
Piled Higher and Deeper
About graduate students, by university professor Jorge Cham. Strip archive, merchandise available.
The Pinkey Suthers Show
Pinkey and co-hosts explain various aspects of life in this weekly strip by Dylan Graham.
Moody black-and-white drawings about surreal mishaps. By Phillip M. Jackson.
Pixel Paintings
Parodies of manhood, confession, Muslims, the final judgement.
Pixel Pals
The end of 8-bit innocence.
Plotless Violence
A humorous webcomic featuring Martial Arts fight scenes.
Pointless Display Comics
Yet another amateur webcomic including funky art, and a lazy artist.
Pokey the Penguin
Non-sequitur comic about Pokey and other penguins, with minimalist computer art.
Pookie Comics
The adventures of Teddy bear.
An ironic look at life. Features an archive and the Spare Change cast.
Pretty Heavy
A pub in the weirdest town on earth. Surreal humor webcomic by Gareth Allen.
Prince Valiant
Prince Valiant, Prinz Eisenherz. Everything published with a picture and an estimated value.
Pseudo Heroes
Online strip about crime fighters with ordinary powers, such as Wonder Bra Woman and Alcoholic Man. By Bentley and Martens.
The setup is like a movie stage where the producer, comic strip maker and assistant are trying to create normal comic strips.
Comic panel by David Gross.
PvP: Player vs. Player
Online strip about videogamers, by Scott Kurtz.
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