This category is for comics and cartoons that appear in a strip format (that is, a small series of panels) or as a single panel. Newspaper comics belong in this category. So do many Web comics, if they appear as a regularly updated series of small episodes under a single title, rather than separate comics stories.
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H. D. Alters Cartoon Art Gallery
Features Hapless Harold, a tramp whom finds religion.
H. T. Cow's Comics
Adventure strip by Winter Arcana, Danny Donnovan, and Daniel C. White.
Comic strip featuring animals working in a high tech office. Computer geek humor and cute animals. By Drake Emko and Jen Brodzik.
Hagen Cartoons
Features the cartoon "It's a Jungle Out There". Includes archives.
Follows the adventures of a dense boy. By John Moore.
Features two series, Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds, by John Steventon. Includes contact information and a message board.
Hard Underbelly
Tristan Davis' serialized story about vampires and other assorted creatures.
About friendship, life, love and growing up.
Haylar the Hapless Goblin
Features an amateur cartoon by Chess.
Haylar the Hapless Goblin
A collection for the easily amused.
Hedgehog Games
Features two web comics; one drawn, and one with photos of action figures. By Jeff Coney.
Hell Sweet Hell
Comic about Satan's life. Includes an archive and character profiles.
Her! Girl vs Pig
Girl and pig in violent situations. Includes past strips and cast of characters.
Herd Thinners Incorporated
Features the series "Kevin and Kell", organized by daily, weekly and an index. Includes a weblog with the artist's comments.
History Can Be Fun
A quartet of aliens as they explore time travel and college life.
Hog & Mrs. P
Comic panel about sex, relationships, and married life. "Stop nagging me WOMAN!"
Official site of the original. Features art, album, gallery, and figurines. Created by Dave Gonzales.
Features the absurd humour and veiled political criticism of GutterWidth, the fictional events of HP Sauce and other series. By Ryan Hill.
House On Fire
Features a comic strip gallery and a collection of Flash animations.
Home of gaming enthusiast Chris Maguire. Also features reviews and satirical articles and how games relate to the world at large.
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