This category is for comics and cartoons that appear in a strip format (that is, a small series of panels) or as a single panel. Newspaper comics belong in this category. So do many Web comics, if they appear as a regularly updated series of small episodes under a single title, rather than separate comics stories.
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Eagle DNA
Comics by Bob Scott.
Edible Dirt
Dark, odd humor. Not for everyone. Not for kids. By Matt Rosemier.
El Goonish Shive
A series about a group of teenagers and the bizarre, often supernatural, situations that they face.
Elf Life
Daily internet comic strip features myth, slapstick and adventure. By Carson Fire. With background information and archive.
Elf Only Inn
Cut and paste comic about role playing chatrooms - includes archive of past comics and character profiles.
Elsie Hooper
Features a black and white serial that appears in the Umass Daily Collegian. Created by Robert D. Krzykowski.
Emergency Exit
Features a cartoon about crazy roommates, giant hammers, hidden closets of doom, and evil chickens plotting world domination. Includes an archive and a list of characters.
End Times
Following four girls and their dates with destiny.
Eternal Caffeine Junkie
Funny color strip by Stephanie Burrows.
Everyday People Cartoons
About women - includes reader kudos and information about the creator. By Cathy Thorne.
Evil Love Comic
A "bong head" and his beer drinking genius pal, Simon.
Existence Unknown
Science fiction and adventure webcomic with some humor, created by Martin Borgman.
Experiments In College Ruled
A webcomic detailing the woes of High School life. Updated Weekly.
Home of the "Cyanide and Happiness" strip.
Extra Life
A cartoon about and for gamers. By Scott Johnson.
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