This category is for comics and cartoons that appear in a strip format (that is, a small series of panels) or as a single panel. Newspaper comics belong in this category. So do many Web comics, if they appear as a regularly updated series of small episodes under a single title, rather than separate comics stories.
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Daisy Owl
Surreal strip about a little girl being brought up by an owl and a bear, by Ben Driscoll.
Dandy and Company
Dandy is a dog with an attitude, and he struts his stuff with a cast of characters that live in his universe. Or so he thinks.
Dangerously Psycho
About a man, his shady brother, mallet-wielding girlfriend, secret-society roommate, gremlins, giant spider, supernatural mullet, and chibi-death. Strange.
Catalog of cartoons, categorized by subject matter. By Dan Rosandich.
Dark Lord Bill
Badly drawn characters with elaborate heads have pointless and irritating adventures.
Day after the Day of the Tentacle
Featuring art and characters from the game.
DBZ parody
A gallery of cartoons by the Pepsiholics.
Dead Baby
Follows the tasteless adventures of a rather unfortunate anti-hero.
Dead Guy
Crude, angry, scatological and socially irresponsible cartoons from I. M. Dedd. Published weekly on Monday.
Death Gets A Website
Details the mundane events that make up the daily routine of Grim Reaper.
Join Matt Blaster in a strange and twisted sci-fi realm.
Decorative Edison
Strip using photographs of people and dogs.
The Deep South
Paintings are ripped out of context and then transported.
Deer Me
Follow three roommates and their quirky day-to-day lives. By Sheryl Schopfer.
Demonic Boppu
Follow the humorous and dramatic lives of a group of demons growing up in hell.
Demonology 101
Online comic about high school and other forces of evil, by Faith Erin Hicks.
Destination Unknown
A view into the lives of a group of miscreants, more commonly known as teenagers.
Dethboy'z Daily Debauchery
The adventures of a gothic-punk and his mangy gang.
Detox Comic
Strip about life in the IT industry from the point of view of a small software company. Includes archive, character profiles as well as a car restoration diary, weblog, and a collection of Internet security articles.
The Devil's Panties
A dark and stylistic view into the life of an underground princess. High boots and higher skirts mark this comic.
Devoted Bee
Drawings to bring us together. A collection of diversely themed comics.
Dex Lives
The Life and Times of an overqualified post-graduate humanoid dragon.
Herr Grossman, Errol, and Estoque, the last word in organized malevolence.
A webcomic focusing on the trials and tribulations of high school without losing its sense of humor.
Did You Know?
Online comic by Patrick M. Len, featuring Fray Ormandy and Waifer X.
Diesel Sweeties
Love and Pixels. Pixelated adventures starring a burnt-out, retired porn star and her robot boyfriend Clango.
Digital Vigilante
A parody of our electronic universe.
Dire Destiny
Set in a dark world of swords and sorcery. By Robert Kendzie and Mikolaj Ostapiuk.
Divine Comics
Includes hand-drawn and colored comics as well as short stories.
Doctor Fun
Off-beat online panel.
Dog World
Two dogs who chat and drink cocktails. By Mark Nugent.
Domestic Abuse Daily Cartoons
Once daily online cartoon full of depressed foodstuffs and kitchen utensils on the verge of horrible realizations. Includes several months of archives
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
Seeing the past, the future, and idiots. He is a seer with a weird life.
Dread Man
A New York state trooper becomes an action hero. By Andre Brooks.
The sort of people your mother said "Don't be like that when you grow up" about.
Dust Comics
A collection by Dustin Thayer.
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