This category is for comics and cartoons that appear in a strip format (that is, a small series of panels) or as a single panel. Newspaper comics belong in this category. So do many Web comics, if they appear as a regularly updated series of small episodes under a single title, rather than separate comics stories.
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The B-Movie Comic
A group of unlikely heroes tackles monsters, mutants and aliens from Hollywood's past and present.
B. C.
A strip revolving around prehistoric times. In 1958, B.C. was born - and rejected by five syndicates before being accepted for newspaper syndication. Today, Johnny Hart's B.C. and its renowned cast of prehistoric merrymakers appear in more than 1,300 newspapers worldwide and is distributed by Creators Syndicate, Inc.
Baby Sue
Comics that focus on social satire.
Baldo & Pigface Adventures
Weird and entertaining, a collection of bizarre art and notions.
Basic Instructions
Webcomic by Scott Meyer. Each strip takes the form of a "How To" guide.
Bazoobee with his friends by Dave Sperry.
Beau Peep
Official fan site of the strip. By Roger Kettle and Andrew Christine. Published since 1978.
Benny and Boone Bear Cartoon
Humorous web comic featuring Benny, a mischievous little grizzly bear, and his older brother Boone. Includes animated cartoons.
About religion and the high price of faith. A scientist creates a robot designed to save your soul.
Features an imaginary eBay trading store where trading assistant Washington Locke and his boss, Alice Glass, deal with life as professional eBay sellers.
Big Fat Whale
Features archives, a weblog, and an alternative point of view. By Brian McFadden.
Bill Caldwell's Cartoons
British cartoonist, published in a number of newspapers. Includes cartoons from the Daily Star, Sunday Mail and Church Times.
Life from a bird's point of view.
Birdo's Adventures!
Online comic by Mark Vallen about a bird, born in LA, who plots against humanity.
Bishop Bigelow
Just an ordinary preacher with a whole lot of extraordinary circumstances that surround him. Features archives and animation.
Blobsie and Flipsie
Panel dealing with pigs Blobsie and Flipsie and their adventures, created by Beth.
Blue Canary
Weekly comic by Kathryn White, about four college roommates and the Bluebird of Happiness.
Blue Neon
A comic about random stuff, updated sporadically.
Blueprint For Insanity
Archive, artwork, articles, and daily commentary by the author.
The Blurb!
The day-to-day adventures of a comic book creator and his comic strip. By Jonas Diego.
Bob the Angry Flower
An irritable flower takes on aliens and wheelchair basketball. Includes archives and merchandise information
Satirical weekly comic "Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life" about the travels of two unemployed robots in a post-human future.
A semi-weekly webcomic about a Mormon missionary. By Scott Harper.
Booktalk Cartoons
Daily cartoons about the book business. Humor about writers, publishers, editors, booksellers and readers.
Cartoons and pictures based on humor puns and wordplays on movies and books. Includes movies such as Forrest Bump, The Umpire Strikes Back, and Dambo.
Borderline Sanity
A webcomic about two friends who are just not completely sane.
BoxJam's Doodle
An open-ended minimalist strip with muumuus.
Boy on a Stick and Slither
A comic strip about a boy on a stick and a snake called Slither. By Steven Cloud.
Boys and Girls Club
Life in point as a gay teenager - includes archives.
Breakpoint City
The comic adventures of Ben, an inventor, Dan, a talking dog, and Sofia, a female superhero, in the futuristic city of Breakpoint. By Brian Emling.
Daily comic strip by Christopher J. Baldwin about a dark observant character named and her juxtaposition to the world. Archives go back to 1996.
Bruno the Bandit
This is a swords and sorcery (and satire) comic strip. Think of it as a cross between The Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons. Updated daily.
Official site. Includes desktop theme, message board, and an archive.
Buddy and Hopkins
A weekly comic strip by Jason Nocera based around two struggling blues musicians.
The illustrated adventures of an unlikely superhero and the evil squirrels who hunt him. By Jeff Young.
Bug and Robot
Created by Mike Serra. Includes an archive and character information.
Bull and Bunny
Webcomic updated biweekly with a neurotic bull and a pushy bunny.
Business Casual
Devoted to office humor. Features archives, news, cast, and a forum.
Buster's Battery
A humorous look at today's Army. Buster leads a group of Patriot Missile Misfits at Fort Bliss and in SWA. Includes cartoons and photos from the unit.
Story of three friends and their troubles with women. By Ramon Perez and Rob Coughler.
Cartoons and Comics by Andy Broome
Featuring the work of the cartoonist. Offers a daily cartoon and archives.
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