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Prose translation by folklorist Andrew Lang, with S. H. Butcher, tracing the adventures of the epic hero Odysseus. Divided by book with closing sonnet.
Homer Odyssey - Calypso and Ulysses
A reconstruction of the music of parts of Homer's Odyssey, by composer Ioannidis Nikolaos. Audio, original Greek text and English translation.
Map of the Underworld
Map showing the descents to the Underworld made by Odysseus and Aeneas.
The Odyssey
"The Odyssey. The illustrated wanderings of the hero Odysseus after the Trojan War. Based on Homer's epic from Greek Mythology."
The Odyssey
Text-only version of Samuel Butler's translation, provided by the Internet Classics Archive at MIT.
The Odyssey
The Greek Epic Poem translated by Samuel Butler.
Odyssey Book XI: Nekuia
Odysseus' information gathering trip to the Underworld.
The Odyssey by Homer
A searchable online version, with book summaries, biographical information on the poet, and a map of the Greece of his times. No translation attribution given.
Odyssey Game - Choose your character
"In this web game you can choose to be either Odysseus himself or his young son Telemachus or his beautiful wife, Penelope."
Odyssey II - Wily Penelope
The second book of the Odyssey shows how Penelope is an equal to Odysseus in craftiness.
Odyssey, The
Free HTML e-text of Butler's translation of The Odyssey, available page by page.
The Odysseys of Homer
Bartleby edition of the 1857 English language translation by George Chapman.
Reviews of Recent Books on "The Odyssey"
"The Following links will take you to substantive reviews of recent books on the Odyssey from the Bryn Mawr Classical Review."
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