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Abakanowicz, Magdalena
Learn about the contemporary Polish sculptor and the 'Abakanowicz on the Roof' exhibit displayed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1999.
Antoine, Otto (1865-1951)
Features several paintings of the "painter of Berlin".
Armfield, George
Virtual exhibition featuring the works of the 19th century British Victorian artist who specialized in dog paintings. Includes a short biography on the artist and a selection of high resolution images.
Beer, Dick
Displays the works of one of the Swedish masters of Neo-impressionism and Cézanne-style cubism. [English and French]
Benoist, Marie-Guilhelmine - NCAW
James Smalls' scholarly article Slavery is a Woman: "Race," Gender, and Visuality in Marie Benoist's Portrait d'une négresse (1800).
Bloom, Hyman (1913-2009)
Educational site about the work and life of Boston artist Hyman Bloom. Bloom was a highly regarded artist whom Pollack and De Kooning considered to be America’s first abstract expressionist.
Bluhm, Norman (1921-1999)
American Abstract Expressionist painter. Biography, reproductions, exhibitions, essays, chronology, bibliography and publications.
Boddington, Henry John
Biographical information on the Victorian landscape artist (1811-1865). Site also includes a selection of high-resolution images of his work.
Bogart, George A (1933-2005)
Abstract painter and professor of art at the University of Oklahoma. Includes biography and portfolio.
Brainard, Joe
The official site concerning the life and work of the 20th century visual artist.
Brewster, Anna Richards
Early 20th century Impressionist style. Includes biography, excerpts from her letters, and sample gallery of her works.
Brooker, Harry
Includes a selection of paintings depicting domestic Victorian scenes often involving children at play, biographical information and resources on Victorian art.
Brownscombe, Jennie Augusta
Information on the American painter, presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Includes a brief biographical sketch of Brownscombe, a selected bibliography of related monographs and articles, and the image of "Love's Young Dream."
Brumidi, Constantino
Document describing the life and art of the Italian-American artist.
Brunelleschi, Filippo (1377 - 1446)
Brief introduction to the life of the Florentine Renaissance architect, sculptor and painter.
Bulman, Orville (1905-1978)
Information about the American artist including a biography, details about buying and selling his work, and images of his paintings.
Burkhardt, Hans
Biographical information and a selection of images for this leading artist of the Modernism movement.
Butler, Theodore Earl - Catalogue Raisonne
This project is done with the collaboration and support of the descendant of artists' family.
Cappiello, Leonetto (1875 - 1942)
Life and work of the Italian artist and caricaturist.
Carmichael, Franklin
Virtual gallery archives of the art works of this Canadian painter. Original oil paintings, reproductions and biographical information.
Carroll, Frank (1932-2010)
An oil painter from Massachusetts whose talent to work with a variety of subjects made his art appealing to all ages. Includes biography and portfolio.
Casson, Alfred Joseph
Virtual gallery archives of the art works of this Canadian painter. Original oil paintings, reproductions and biographical information.
Cauchois, Eugene Henri (1850-1911)
Virtual exhibition featuring the works of the French artist who specialized in still life paintings. Offers a short biography and a selection of high resolution images.
Cavailles, Jules (1901 - 1977)
Information about the life and works of the French poetic realist painter Jules Cavailles.
Cazin, Jean Charles (1841-1901)
One of the more intriguing and influential artists of the 19th century French Realist movement. This virtual exhibition includes a detailed biography, high-resolution images, listing of museums and bibliography.
Chatterton, Clarence Kerr (1880-1973)
Offering information on the life and work of the American artist.
Committee Mark Tobey
Detailed information on the American abstract expressionist painter and the committee of experts supporting his art.
Coolidge, Cassius (1844-1934)
A biography on the artist Cassius Coolidge, who create the famous dogs playing poker series of paintings.
Crowe, Eyre A.R.A. (1824-1910)
An appreciation of the life and artwork of the British painter of historical and genre works, and friend of William Makepeace Thackeray.
De Breanski, Jr., Alfred
The peaceful and colorful gardens of England were among the locations he drew inspiration from. Site features an updated biography on this British Victorian artist and a number of high-resolution images.
Diebenkorn, Richard
The official site for the estate of the artist, provides a full biography and images of his works.
Eardley, Joan (1922-1963)
Best known for her dramatic sea and landscapes of Scotland's east coast, and her unique vision of 1950s Glasgow.
Farnham, Sally James (1869-1943)
Highlighting the life and work of American sculptor, best known for her heroic bronze commissions and detailed portrait work.
Feeley, Paul
An artist of the Bennington College Avant-Garde movement in the 1950s and 1960s.
Fortuny y Madrazo, Mariano
Information about artist's life, inventions, paintings, and fabrics.
Gallegos y Anosa, José (1857-1917)
Information relating to the life and works of the Spanish artist. (Site in English and Spanish)
Giunta, Joseph (1911-2001)
Canadian artist who created oil paintings, drawings, mixed media abstract assemblages and collage 3D art.
Goldin, Nan
View images of available artworks, biography, and exhibitions for this American artist.
Gubler, Max (1898-1973)
Swiss painter featured in online gallery and biography.
Gégoux, Théodore (1850-1931)
Artist who worked in New York, California, and Oregon. Specialized in portraits, seascapes, landscapes, florals, and still lifes. Also did sculptures and was a violinist, a violin teacher, and a violin maker.
Hall, Harry (1814-1882)
This exhibition features images and a biography on the British Sporting artist working during the mid 19th century.
Hartley, Ben (1933-1996)
Biography of a British artist who painted in gouache on brown paper and was inspired by his deep love of the countryside.
Harvey, Harold (1874-1941)
Biography and gallery towards the English artist.
Hassel Smith - Official Site
This site is dedicated to the life and work of the artist Hassel Smith.
Herring, Jr., John F. (1820-1907)
Informative biography and a selection of high-resolution images of Sporting paintings by the 19th century British artist.
Hitchcock, Harold (1914-2009)
Official website of the English visionary landscape artist including galleries of paintings & drawings, biography & comprehensive references.
Hofhuizen, Willem 1915-1986
Presents the life and work of the Dutch expressionist, including paintings, gouaches, sculptures, grafittos, and frescos.
Hofmann, Hans (1880-1966)
Information on exhibitions, catalogue raisonne and a detailed biography.
Hyde, Frank (1849 - 1937)
Biographical information on the British painter. Also included are images of the artist's work.
Jacoulet, Paul
Biography of French-Japanese artist Paul Jacoulet (1902-1960).
Jensen, Alfred (1903-1981)
Biographical information and selection of images from this New York School artist.
Kiefer, Anselm
This feature explores the works on paper of the contemporary German artist. Included is a closer look at fourteen of those works and the themes and techniques used.
Knowles, George Sheridan (1863-1931)
Biographical information and images of the works by the British Victorian artist. His sentimental genre paintings often capture his subjects in a relaxed, or playful, moment and are reminiscent of the works of Arthur John Elsley and Frederick Morgan (two of his contemporaries).
Konkle, Lori
A longterm survivor of MS who created over five hundred paintings in her lifetime holding the brush in her mouth.
Kotin, Albert
American Abstract Expressionist artist. Image gallery of his works and biography.
Kotlarevsky, Paul (1883-1950)
Collection of works and a biography of the Russian artist exiled in Paris during WWI.
La Farge, John
Provides information on one of his masterpiece "Wild Roses and Irises".
Larsson, Carl (1853 - 1919)
Information about the Swedish artist's life and work, a gallery with a few of his paintings, and about his home in Sundborn, Dalarna, which today is a museum.
Lavezzari, Vittorio
Life and works, Symbolism and Liberty, Staglieno cemetery, style's evolution, angels.
Lebrun, Charles
The first painter to King Louis XIV of France. Illustrations of paintings, drawings and decorations from the Old Master.
Lesur, Henry Victor
Biographical information and images of paintings by French born highlife and genre painter who flourished from 1887-1900. A complete listing of works exhibited at the Paris Salon is included.
Lewis, John Frederick
Bob Speel's biographical notes about the artist and his paintings.
Life of an Artist: Fra Bartolommeo
Biography of the Florentine painter as recorded by Giorgio Vasari.
Lucas, Edwin (1911-1990)
Featuring the surreal, figurative, abstract and landscape paintings in oil or watercolor by this Scottish artist. Includes biography and exhibition schedule.
Meinecke, Tristan
A Chicago based artist (1916 - 2004) known for layers within layers of abstract expressionism, surrealism, cubism, found art, and his well-established form called split-level painting. Works and information on the artist.
Milde, Carl Julius (1803-1875)
Short biography with focus on the artist's work with Lübeck's death dance.
Minio, Letizia (1932-2005)
Biography, critique and portfolio of an Italian contemporary artist known for her figurative, landscape and underwater paintings. [English and Italian]
NCAW - Khnopff, Fernand
Detailed review by Sura Levine on the artist's exhibition organized by the Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels. Images of the exhibition are included.
NCAW - Vollon, Antoine
Carol Forman Tabler's article Antoine Vollon and His Smashing Pumpkin: On Media Hype and the Meanings of Still Life.
Nelson, Leonard
American Abstract Expressionist artist. Gallery of works, biography, bibliography.
Ohara, Koson
Biography of Japanese artist Koson Ohara (1877-1945).
Parker, Henry H. (1858-1930)
Exhibition featuring the works of the British Victorian landscape artist Henry H. Parker. Includes a biography on Parker and a number of high-resolution images.
Ponzi, Ettore (1908-1992)
Biography and portfolio of an Italian landscape and portrait painter. [English and Italian]
Rodrigo, Vicente Pascual (1955-2008)
Biography, critique and portfolio of a contemporary Spanish painter. [English and Spanish]
Rousseau, Theodore
Theodore Rousseau [French Barbizon School Painter, 1812-1867] Guide to pictures of works by Theodore Rousseau in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
Rousseau, Theodore
Biography on one of the founders of the Barbizon Movement. Also included is a picture of the artist.
Schmidt, Peter (1931-1980)
Dedicated to the life and legacy of the German born multimedia artist who emigrated to the UK in 1938. Includes biography and portfolio.
Smith, Tony (1941-2008)
Portfolio and biography of a London born artist who focused on landscapes and human nature.
Spacal, Lojze
Artist's biography, gallery of works, news.
Stubbs, Kenneth (1907-1967)
Selected paintings and drawings ranging from abstract impressionism to classical drawing and Japanese brushwork by this American artist.
Theisen-Helm, Mary (1923-2003)
Biography and portfolio of a Wisconsin painter who worked with a variety of styles and media.
Thompson, JB
A brief biographical sketch and representations of the artist's works.
Tobey, Alton S
Featuring the life, paintings and murals of an American realist. (1914-2005)
Toyohara, Kunichika
Biography of Japanese artist (1835-1900) including images of his work.
Twombly, Cy
Comprehensive collection of more than 150 images of artist's works with biography, articles, bibliography and exhibition information.
Vernet, Claude Joseph
Biographical information and paintings by the French master.
Von Wicht, John
Biographical information and images on the American abstract artist John von Wicht.
Walters, Brian (1935-1999)
Gallery of watercolours by the landscape painter and artist, artist's biography and obituary.
Wassmann, Johann Dieter (1841-1898)
The Wassmann Foundation presents the life and work of the German artist.
West, Michael Corinne (1908-1991)
Features the life and work of the abstract expressionist female painter.
The William Roberts Society
Biographical and bibliographical information on the British artist with reproductions of some works and a list of his works in public collections.
Wood, William Thomas (1877-1958)
Biography and a selection of images regarding the British landscape and flower painter.
Yoshida, Hiroshi
Biography of Japanese woodblock print artist.
Zalce, Alfredo
Zalce's art has been exhibited throughout the world in his 92 years, and is part of the permanent collection of many worldwide museums including the Vatican. He is a versatile as a muralist, sculptor, and painter.
Zorach, William and Marguerite
Biographies and collection of images and resources of American painter and sculptor.
Richter, Gerhard
Biography and review of the artist's retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City (April 01, 2002)

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