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The Art Institute of Chicago
Displays a small list of Rousseau's artworks.
The Artchive: Henri Rousseau
Biography of the artist and including a list of his works.
Articles on Art: Henri Rousseau
Article focused on the difficulties the self-taught artist went through to be recognized as a great painter of his era.
The Athenaeum - Henri Rousseau
Features a total of 101 paintings of the French Post-Impressionist painter in high detail.
The Dream of Henri Rousseau
Images of artist's works and a biography.
Getty Museum: Henri Rousseau
Presents Rousseau's style by analyzing one of his works 'A Centennial of Independence'.
The Grave of Henri Rousseau
Location of the French artist's grave including a brief biography.
Henri Rousseau
Biography, examples of his work and an article on the Art of the Fantastic.
Henri Rousseau - Jungle in Paris
Includes a room guide, chronological biography notes, artistic circle, sources and inspiration regarding Rousseau's exhibition.
Le Douanier Rousseau: Jungles n Paris
Presents a review about the exhibition presenting 50 important works by the French painter. Elaborated by Patricia Boccadoro.
MoMA Collection: Henri Rousseau
Offers a slide show gallery.
The National Gallery
Brief biography including a proper analysis on one of Rousseau masterpieces 'Surprised!'.
National Gallery of Australia
Shows Rousseau's style by analyzing one of his works 'War [La guerre]'. Audio is also available.
NGA: Henri Rousseau
Provides an introduction, images of his famous works including a proper analysis and background information.
Olga's Gallery: Henri Rousseau
Collection of works of a French artist with a biography and historical comments.
Wikipedia: Henri Rousseau (1844 - 1910)
Article covering the French Post-Impressionist's background, criticism, legacy and gallery showing some of his works.

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