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The Art Institute of Chicago
Displays a small list of artworks done by the English artist.
The Art Renewal Center (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Features a biography of Rossetti, along with a number of high-resolution images of his works. Also includes a transcription of Rossetti's 1882 obituary from The Times.
The Artchive: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Biography of the artist and an image gallery containing some of his works.
The Athenaeum - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Features a total of 169 paintings belong to the founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in high detail.
Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
Rossetti's biography along with images of his works including background information on each artwork.
The Grave of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Location and pictures of the English artist and poet's grave including a brief biography.
National Museums Liverpool - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Presents a retrospective featuring over 170 works.
National Portrait Gallery
Wide list of Rossetti's portraits including author, medium and date.
The National Portrait Gallery, London (Rossetti Portraits)
Includes self-portraits by Rossetti and portraits of the Rossetti family and PRB members.
Neurotic Poets: Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Article focused on the influence of poetry on his life.
NNDB - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Comprehensive biography regarding the English artist born in London.
Olga's Gallery (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Offers a sizeable collection of the images of Rossetti's works, with biography and historical comments.
Pre-Raphaelite Online Resources
Biography including 4 Rossetti's masterpieces with there proper analysis and historical background.
The Role of the Least-Aspected Planet in Astrocartography
Approaches Rossetti's biography and work by means of an astrocartographical reading.
Rossetti Archive
Offers a constellation of Rossetti's poetry, prose, and visual art. Maintained at the University of Virginia under the editorship of Jerome McGann.
Rossetti as an Illustrator
Features notes on Rossetti's book-illustrations, along with a number of useful links to PRB and London art.
The Tate Britain
Offers a searchable database of the Tate's Rossetti paintings, many of which are viewable online.
The Victorian Web (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Resources for placing Rossetti's life and works into their artistic, social, and political contexts.
Web Gallery of Art
Rossetti's collection of images and biography.
WebMuseum (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Provides an introduction to Rossetti's visual art, along with a number of viewable images of the paintings.
Wikipedia: Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1886 - 1957)
Encyclopedia article focused on the English painter's early life, career and gallery of his works.
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