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ARC - Pierre Auguste Renoir
Provides images of the French painter and sculptor's work with high resolution.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Features a gallery containing Renoir's artwork, including sketches and drawings.
Artble: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Features a biography, style and technique regarding the Impressionist artist. Includes a list of his famous works with proper date, size and medium.
Artchive: Pierre Auguste Renoir
Short biography of the artist and an image gallery containing some of his works.
Artcyclopedia: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Guide to art museum sites and image archives where his works can be viewed online.
The Athenaeum - Pierre Auguste Renoir
Features a total of 1206 works of the French painter in alphabetic order.
Auguste Renoir Gallery
Offering photos of his paintings, as well as a biography and articles.
A Certain Slant of Light
Article from Slate Magazine about Renoir's use of light and color.
Collection Tate: Auguste Renoir
Provides a total of 7 artworks, including historical background information in some painting. Brief biography can also be found.
Getty Museum: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Provides a short biography regarding the Impressionist artist. Including a small gallery with notes, medium, size and analysis on each painting.
The Grave of Auguste Renoir
Location and pictures of the French artist's grave including a biography.
The Luncheon of the Boating Party
The story behind the masterpiece, from the Phillips Collection.
National Gallery of Art
The complete Renoir collection with notes on all 48 works.
The National Gallery: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Provides a list of the French artist's work including proper background per each painting. Brief biography is also available.
Olga's Gallery - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Collection of images with biography and historical comments.
Renoir as a landscape painter
Article focused on the reason why Renoir became a figure painter instead of a landscape painter.
The Renoir Paintings
Featuring over 1,000 of Renoir's artwork.
WebMuseum: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Article on the artist and collection of paintings.
Wikipedia: Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919)
Article providing a biography, artworks and a gallery including self-portraits and nudes.
Young Girl Bathing
Analysis on Renoir's masterpiece explaining the influence of nudity on Renoir's work.

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