Domenikos Theotocopoulos, Known as El Greco (1541-1614) was a Spanish Mannerist artist of Greek origin.

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The Art Institute of Chicago
Displays artworks done by the Spanish Renaissance painter: The Assumption of the Virgin, Saint Francis Kneeling in Meditation, The Feast in the House of Simon, and Saint Martin and the Beggar.
Artble: El Greco
Extensive biography including artist context, style, technique and critical reception. Also provides a list with images of his famous portraits works with proper date, size and medium.
Artchive: El Greco
Collection of images and bibliography.
Biblical art by El Greco
Artist's gallery inspired by stories in the bible.
El Greco: Themes and Variations
Reviews by John Haber of New York City art galleries and museums.
The Grave of El Greco
Location of his grave including a brief biography.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Features the life, times, and works of art of the artist born in Crete and a slideshow presenting his works of art.
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
Presents a biography along with a gallery showing El Greco's work. Content available in English and in Spanish.
The National Gallery - El Greco
Provides a list of the Cretan-born artist's work including proper background information per each painting. Short biography is also available.
National Gallery of Art - El Greco
Presents a tour throughout his famous paintings.
NNDB: El Greco
Comprehensive biography regarding the Cretan-born artist.
Olga's Gallery: El Greco
Collection of artist's works with a biography and historical comments.
The Prado Museum - El Greco
Artist's works including a short biography.
Tigertail Virtual Museum: El Greco
Collection of images of artist's paintings.
Web Gallery of Art: Greco, El
Collection of images of artist's works and a biography.
WebMuseum: Greco, El
Artist's biography and images of his works.
What Malformation Did El Greco Paint?
Questions and illustrates the consistent dysmorphology found in extracts from various of his paintings.
Wikipedia - El Greco
Encyclopedia article covering his artistic contribution, life and legacy.

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