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The Art Institute of Chicago
Duchamp's gallery including size, medium and date.
The Art Story: Marcel Duchamp
Comprehensive biography covering his early training, mature and late periods, legacy and artistic influences.
Artcyclopedia: Marcel Duchamp
A collections of links to online exhibitions which include his works and all other material on the artist.
DaDa Companion - Marcel Duchamp
Shows biographical information along with exhibition history and description on his artworks.
Find A Grave - Marcel Duchamp
Location of his grave.
Fresh Widow - Encounter with Marcel Duchamp
Site dedicated to the man who made art out of an urinal.
Guggenheim: Marcel Duchamp
Background information on three of his artworks including 'Apropos of Little Sister' and 'Study for Chess Players'.
Inventing Marcel Duchamp
Detailed information on this exhibition showing the portraits, audio and video.
Marcel Duchamp - Olga's Gallery
Collection of artist's works with a biography and historical comments.
Marcel Duchamp Interviews
Presents a list of interviews recorded in English and in French.
Marcel Duchamp World Community
Dedicated website to one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. Provides a biography, news, images, events and artworks regarding the French artist.
Marcel Duchamp: Chess Master
Article explaining how he quit making art in order to focus on his new passion: chess.
Mark Harden's Artchive: Marcel Duchamp
Thorough biography regarding the French artist.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Features the life and career of the French artist including a slideshow presenting his works of art.
MoMA Collection: Marcel Duchamp
Gallery slideshow including an extensive biography.
National Galleries of Scotland
Features Duchamp's painting background information along with a short biography.
NGA: Marcel Duchamp
Background information regarding his masterpiece 'Fresh Widow'.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Analysis on Duchamp's masterpiece 'Portrait of Chess Players' explaining the influence of chess on his life.
Tate Collection: Marcel Duchamp
Works by the French artist including historical notes.
Tout-Fait - Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal
Journal focusing on the French-American artist.
Understanding Duchamp - Retrospective
Presents artist's biography and images of his works.
Wikipedia: Marcel Duchamp (1887 – 1968)
Biography, legacy and artworks regarding the French artist.

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