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Art For A Change: The Seven Deadly Sins
Provides a short explanation about the painting.
Art for a Change: The War
Background information regarding Dix's Oil/Tempera painting.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Features Dix’s gallery, including sketches and drawings.
The Art Story: Otto Dix
Comprehensive biography covering his early training, mature and late periods, legacy and artistic influences.
Artcyclopedia: Otto Dix
Links to artist's works in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
Cornell University - Otto Dix
Features one of the Neue Sachlichkeit portraits - Woman Lying on a Leopard Skin (Liegende auf Leopardenfell), 1927. Otto Dix
Provides a very brief biography.
Find A Grave - Otto Dix
Location and pictures of the German artist's grave including a biography.
German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse
Review by John HaReviews by John Haber on Dix's artworks.
Humanities Web: Otto Dix
Collection of works, biography and further resources.
Ketterer Kunst - Otto Dix
Artist's biography including one of his artworks.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Analysis on Dix's masterpiece explaining the influence of realism known as Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) on his work.
MoMA Collection: Otto Dix
Provides a comprehensive biography including a slideshow showing images of his work.
National Galleries of Scotland
Historical information on two of Dix's masterpieces.
National Gallery of Art - Otto Dix
List of his drawings and prints.
National Gallery of Australia
Comprehensive biography along with a slideshow gallery including interpretation and analysis on his artworks featured.
Neue Gallerie - Otto Dix
Includes artworks dated from 1920 to 1928.
Norton Simon Museum - Dix, Otto
Historical comments on one of his paintings 'Lady' 1922.
The Online Otto Dix Project
An online catalog of his work including a biography and an extensive collection of art by the German Expressionist.
Otto Dix (1891 - 1969)
Dedicated website to one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. Provides a biography, chronological events and artworks regarding the German artist. English version is available.
Otto Dix and Hugo Erfurth
Article focused on the relationship of both artist. Includes portraits.
Otto Dix Gallery
Brief introduction including images of his artworks.
Spartacus Educational: Otto Dix
Provides detailed biography as well as several pictures.
Wikipedia: Otto Dix (1891 - 1969)
Encyclopedia article featuring a biography and a gallery of his artworks.

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