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ARC: Edgar Degas
Collection of images of the artist's works.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Proper analysis on one of his paintings 'The Millinery Shop'.
Artchive: Edgar Degas
Essay by Robert Hughes and images of the artist's paintings.
The Athenaeum - Edgar Degas
Features a total of 531 paintings of the French artist in high detail. Artworks date and medium are also available.
Degas House
Pictures of the New Orleans’ home to the French Impressionist Master Edgar Degas. Provides images of his artworks as well.
Edgar Degas and His Private Collection
Reviews by John Haber of New York City art galleries and museums.
Getty Museum: Edgar Degas
Short biography regarding Degas together with images of his artworks including sketches.
The Grave of Edgar Degas
Location and pictures of his grave.
Guggenheim: Edgar Degas
Artist's works from museum collection including background information on each painting.
Humanities Web: Edgar Degas
Collection of works, brief chronological biography and further resources.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Edgar Degas
His biography, the historical context of Impressionism, his works, and his collection.
MoMA Collection: Edgar Degas
Provides a comprehensive biography including a slideshow showing images of his work.
National Galleries of Scotland
Features Degas' painting background information along with a short biography.
The National Gallery - Edgar Degas
Presents a thorough biography and related paintings with historical notes.
National Gallery of Canada
Degas' biography and historical comments on his artworks 'Leaving the Bath' and 'Dances at the Bar'.
NCAW - Edgar Degas
Martha Lucy's scholarly article Reading the Animal in Degas' Young Spartans.
Norton Simon Museum - Degas, Edgar
Artist's gallery including historical comments on most paintings.
Notable Biograpghies - Edgar Degas
Biography focused on his early years, techniques and his connection to bronze sculptures.
Olga's Gallery: Edgar Degas
Comprehensive collection of his works with biography and historical comments.
Tate Collection: Edgar Degas
Works by the Impressionist artist including historical notes.
Tour: Edgar Degas
Background information towards his masterpieces such as 'Woman Viewed from Behind' and 'The Mother and Sister of the Artist' among others. At the National Gallery of Art.
Wally Findlay Galleries - Edgar Degas
Thorough biography focused on the Impressionist artist born in Paris.
WebMuseum: Degas, Edgar
Brief commentary on the life and art of the painter.
Wikipedia: Edgar Degas (1834 - 1917)
Encyclopedia article featuring his life, career, style and reputation regarding the Impressionist painter. Includes a Collection of his artworks dated from 1858 to 1898.
Edgar Degas - Cosmopolis
Biography and exhibition review Degas at Harvard. (November 01, 2005)

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