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ARC: Jacques-Louis David
Collection of images along with a biography.
The Art Institute of Chicago
David's gallery showing 42 sketches.
Artcyclopedia: Jacques-Louis David
Links to artist's works in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
The Grave of Jacques-Louis David
Location and pictures of his grave.
Humanities Web: Jacques-Louis David
Presents a biography, images of his selected works and additional suggested reading.
The J. Paul Getty Museum
Brief biography regarding the French artist including background information on each painting featured.
Jacques-Louis David - Empire to Exile
Details regarding the French artist's exhibition.
Jacques-Louis David: A Sign of the Times
Article based on the French painter's biography including his most famous pieces of artwork by Sarah Towle.
Mark Harden's Artchive: Jacques-Louis David
Thorough biography regarding the French neoclassicist artist.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Provides a comprehensive biography including a slideshow showing images of his work.
The National Gallery - Jacques-Louis David
Features a biography and analysis on two of his portrait masterpieces.
National Gallery of Art - Jacques-Louis David
Artist's biography including a list of his famous paintings and drawings.
Neoclassicism and Romanticism - Jacques-Louis David
Artist's gallery showing images with high resolution.
NNDB: Jacques-Louis David
Comprehensive biography regarding the French neoclassical painter born in Paris.
Olga's Gallery - Jacques-Louis David
Collection of works of the French artist with biography and historical comments.
Web Gallery of Art: Jacques-Louis David
Presents a set of images from 1783 till 1792 regarding David's work. Includes a brief biography.
Webmuseum: Jacques-Louis David
Brief article on the French neoclassicist (1748-1825), and some paintings.
Wikipedia: Jacques-Louis David
Article showing a complete biography regarding the French neoclassicist painter, including a gallery of his works.

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