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Albrecht Dürer - Animals in Art
Being one of the first artists to view animals as a subject worthy of attention, provides analysis on each of his artworks.
Albrecht Dürer's House
Presents orientation and interactive panoramic view.
ARC: Albrecht Dürer
Collection of images of the artist's works.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Features Dürer’s gallery.
The Athenaeum: Albrecht Dürer
Features a total of 436 paintings of the German artist in high detail. Artworks date and medium are also available.
Biblical art by Albrecht Dürer
Gallery focused on artist's work related to the bible scriptures.
Bodkin Prints - Albrecht Dürer
Proper analysis on one of his artworks 'Nemesis'.
Connecticut College: Albrecht Dürer
Features woodcuts and engravings from the German artist.
Cornaro Family: Albrecht Durer
Biographical sketch of the leading German artist of the Renaissance era.
Getty Museum: Albrecht Dürer
Brief biography including background information on his famous paintings such as 'Study of Good Thief', 'Stag Beetle' and 'Ornament Design'.
Getty Museum: Albrecht Dürer
Biography with links to works of art and images.
Gothic Era - Albrecht Durer
Background information on each painting displayed.
The Grave of Albrecht Dürer
Location and pictures of his grave. Biography is also available.
Humanities Web: Albrecht Dürer
Features a biography as well as a list of his selected works and chronological events.
MacTutor History of Mathematics: Albrecht Dürer
Features a biography of the artist (1471-1528).
Mark Harden's Artchive: Albrecht Dürer
Biography, images and resources.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Features the life, times, and works of art of the German Northern Renaissance through his biography and a slideshow presenting his works of art.
National Galleries of Scotland
Historical information on two of Dürer's masterpieces.
The National Gallery - Albrecht Dürer
Features a brief biography and analysis on each Dürer's artworks listed.
National Gallery of Art - Albrecht Dürer
Provides a biography, and a complete gallery of his paintings and drawings.
National Gallery of Canada
Interactive Dürer's gallery showing his famous artworks.
New Advent - Albretch Dürer
Biography divided in three periods.
Olga's Gallery: Albrecht Dürer
Comprehensive collection of the images of his works with biography and historical comments.
Rijksmuseum - Albrecht Dürer
Short introduction to his life including analysis on two of his paintings 'The Fall' and 'Erasmus'.
The Strange World of Albercht Dürer
Detailed information on the German artist exhibition, including biography and analysis on his symbolic space through his artworks.
University of Glasgow - Dürer Italy
Provides analysis and interpretation on each artwork featured.
Victoria and Albert Museum
Dürer's gallery centered basically on his prints and medals.
Web Gallery of Art
Dürer's collection of images and biography.
WebMuseum: Dürer, Albrecht
Profile of this German painter, printmaker, draughtsman and art theorist. Features a gallery of high-resolution images of some representative paintings and prints, with annotations.
Wikipedia: Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528)
Article focused on the German painter's life, journeys, legacy and influences. Provides a gallery showing his artwork.

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