Arts Art History Artists C Church, Frederic Edwin
Art Renewal Center - Frederic Edwin Church
Thorough biography including images of his works on high detail.
Artchive - Frederic Edwin Church
Artist's biography together with links to his artworks. Frederic Edwin Church
Auction results, biographies, images and books pertaining to this Hudson River School artist.
The Athenaeum: Frederic Edwin Church
Features a total of 358 works of the American painter in high detail. Artworks date and medium are also available.
Frederic Edwin Church on the Internet's links to works by the artist in museum sites and image archives worldwide.
Grave of Frederic Edwin Church
Photos from Spring Grove Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Comprehensive Church's biography along with a slideshow with his known landscapes such as 'The heart of the Andes' and 'The Parthenon'.
NGA: Frederic Edwin Church
Background information regarding his masterpiece 'Newport Mountain, Mount Desert', 1851.
Olana State Historic Site
Church's beautiful home overlooking the Hudson River. A Persian masterpiece of architecture and landscaping.
Quest Royal Fine Art: Frederic Edwin Church
Essay containing a biography, chronologyof events, collections and exhibitions regarding the American artist done by Alexandra A. Jopp.
Wikipedia - Frederic Edwin Church
Encyclopedia article offers a brief biography, legacy and list of selected artworks.
A Hike to History, With Nature as a Guide
New York Times article from the series "In Art's Footsteps" about an annual class trip to the Catskill Mtn. House, where F. E. Church and other members of the Hudson River School often visited. Fee required. (August 03, 2001)
With His Head Scenically in the Clouds, Church Became a Star
A brief "Critic's Notebook" piece from the New York Times. Fee required. (August 03, 2001)
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