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This category contains websites where: 1. Online exhibitions of Marc Chagall's works
2. Chagall's biography 3. Commentaries to Chagall's works 4. Commercial websites which promote art trade are welcome, if there are downloadable images of Chagall's works.

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Marc Chagall at Weinstein Gallery
Information, biography, curriculum vitae, and reviews, with images of many lithographs, paintings, sketches, and original works for sale.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Chagall's gallery including date, size and medium.
The Art Story: Marc Chagall
Comprehensive biography covering his childhood, early training, periods, legacy and additional quotes.
Artchive: Marc Chagall
Contains the artist's biography, list of books about his creations from Amazon, and selected images.
The Athenaeum: Marc Chagall
Provides 13 artworks done by the Russian-French artist born in Liozna.
Coast Galleries - Marc Chagall Collection
Offering a brief biography and prints bearing seals from the printer.
Graphic Work of Marc Chagall
Wuyt Art is dedicated to the graphical work of the artist. The website contains many medium-sized images, mainly of lithographs, woodcuts and etchings. The images are groupped by periods.
The Grave of Marc Chagall
Location and pictures of his grave.
Guggenheim: Marc Chagall
Background information on four of his artworks including 'Green Violinist' and 'Paris through the window'.
Humanities Web: Marc Chagall
Short biography, images of the representative works and suggested further resources.
Marc Chagall Paintings
Features a biography and some paintings.
National Gallery of Art
Provides a list of Chagall's paintings, drawings and prints.
National Gallery of Canada
Chagall's biography including awards and historical comments on his artworks.
Olga's Gallery: Marc Chagall
Collection of works of the artist with a biography and historical comments.
Tate Collection: Marc Chagall
Provides a total of 7 artworks, including historical background information on most paintings.
Wikipedia: Marc Chagall
Encyclopedia article featuring his early life, education, career, styles and technique.

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