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(1839-1906) French painter, the leading figure in the revolution toward abstraction in modern painting.

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The Art Institute of Chicago
Cezanne's gallery including date, size and medium.
The Art Story: Paul Cezanne
Comprehensive biography covering his childhood, early training, late periods, legacy and additional quotes.
Artble: Paul Cezanne
Presents a biography, style, technique, and critical reception regarding the Post-Impressionist artist. Images of his famous works include date, size and medium.
Artcyclopedia: Paul Cézanne
Guide to 50 art museum sites and image archives where his artwork can be viewed online.
The Athenaeum: Paul Cezanne
Provides 498 artworks done by the French artist born in Aix-en-Provence.
Find A Grave - Paul Cezanne
Location and pictures of his grave, biography is also available.
Getty Museum: Paul Cezanne
Brief biography regarding the French artist including background information on 5 of his works.
Guggenheim: Paul Cezanne
Artist's works from museum collection.
Humanities Web: Paul Cezanne
Features a biography as well as a list of his selected works, quotations and chronological events.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Comprehensive biography including a slideshow with proper analysis on each painting featured.
MoMA Collection: Paul Cezanne
Provides a biography based on his life and working methods. A slideshow showing images of his work is also available.
The National Gallery
Presents Cezanne's biography and background information per painting.
National Gallery of Art - Paul Cezanne
Provides a biography, and a list of paintings and drawings.
Olga's Gallery: Paul Cézanne
Comprehensive collection of the images of his works with biography and historical comments.
Pioneering Modern Painting: Cézanne and Pissarro
Analysis on Cezanne's style in comparison with other contemporary artists of that time.
Tate Collection: Paul Cezanne
Provides a total of 6 artworks, including historical background information on most paintings.
WebMuseum: Cézanne, Paul
Good introduction to his life and works.
Wikipedia - Paul Cezanne
Encyclopedia article featuring his life and work, together with his legacy and a gallery.
Wisdom Supreme: Paul Cezanne
Artist's biography.
Cézanne 2006
The Cézanne in Provence exhibition at the National Gallery of Art (NGA), Washington and the Granet Museum, Aix-en-Provence, France. (January 29, 2006)

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