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Art Renewal Center: Sandro Botticelli
Provides images of the Italian Renaissance artist's work with additional information such as date, medium and painting size.
Artble: Sandro Botticelli
Features a biography, style, technique and critical reception regarding the Renaissance artist. Images of his famous works include date, size and medium.
Artchive - Sandro Botticelli
Biography, images and resources.
Artcyclopedia: Guide to Sandro Botticelli
Guide to 25 art museum sites and image archives where Botticelli's paintings can be viewed online.
The Athenaeum - Botticelli
Provides over 100 paintings regarding the Italian artist in high detail.
Biblical art by Botticellli
Gallery focused on artist's work related to the bible scriptures.
The Grave of Sandro Botticelli
Location and pictures of his grave. Biography is also available.
Life of an Artist: Sandro Boticelli
Biography of the Florentine painter as written by Giorgio Vasari. Includes a gallery.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Shows Botticelli's style by analyzing one of his works 'The Annunciation'.
National Galleries of Scotland
Historical information on one of Botticelli's masterpieces.
National Gallery of Art: Sandro Botticelli
Presents a list of paintings and drawings done by the Renaissance artist, includes a biography and bibliography.
The National Gallery: Sandro Botticelli
Comprehensive biography including proper analysis on each of his paintings featured.
Olga's Gallery - Alessandro Botticelli
About 70 images of the Renaissance artist's works with a biography and historical comments.
Sandro Botticelli
Biography with interpretation of major works.
Web Gallery of Art
Hungary-based image archive with a variety of works by Botticelli.
Wikipedia: Sandro Botticelli
Biographical summary of the Italian Renaissance artist with information on his early life, masterpieces, maturity, death and posthumous eclipse.

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