In the 8th and 9th centuries a specifically Islamic style developed, which spread across the Middle East, India, North Africa and Spain with the Muslim conquests. Characteristic features are the horse-shoe arch, domes, and rich surface decoration especially calligraphy and geometrical patterns using glazed tiles or mosaic.

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Architecture of Isfahan
Beautiful photography enhances this tour around the Iranian city notable for the Grand Mosque and other buildings around the Great Square, a World Heritage site. By Thomas Rochford of Anglia Polytechnic University.
Early Islamic Tiles
An on-line exhibition of 14th-17th century decorative tiles collected in 1880-86 by Lockwood de Forest. Scholarly comments by Anthony Slayter-Ralph. Biography of de Forest.
Islamic Architecture
Images and information on outstanding mosques and other examples of monumental Islamic architecture in Spain, the Middle East, India and North Africa, from Great Buildings Online.
Islamic Architecture at the MIT Rotch Library
Textual and visual resources on Islamic architecture around the world. Includes a collection of images from the Aga Khan Visual Archives.
Islamic Architecture: An Appreciation
Sakar Datoo explains the development of Islamic architecture, with references. Part of Ismaili Web.
Islamic Art Network
The Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation provides material on Islamic art and architecture including photographs of Islamic monuments in Cairo.
Religious Architecture and Islamic Cultures
Overview of a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Prof. Nasser Rabbat. Illustrated outline history of Islamic architecture.
Wonders of Az-Zahra and other Andalusian Palaces
Essay by Dr. A. Zahoor on the extravagant pleasure palaces built in the 10th century by Islamic potentates in Spain.
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