The architecture of the pointed arch, the rib vault and the flying buttress, which came together to form the fully Gothic style in mid-12th-century France. It spread throughout Europe where it developed local forms.

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1200 Years of Italian Sculpture: Gothic
Architectural details predominate in this collection of photographs from Thais.
The Age of Carpentry: The New Art and Society in Plantagent England
In this lecture Christopher Currie argues that England excelled in Gothic structural carpentry. Text without illustrations.
Earthlore: Gothic Dreams
A lively and illustrated introduction to the monumental churches and cathedrals of the Middle Ages, with a feature on Notre Dame de Paris.
European Route of Brick Gothic
Project aiming to survey medieval buildings in brick in cities around the Baltic Sea and promote a thematic tourist route.
Gothic Dreams
An exploration and study of churches and cathedrals in the Gothic style. Features include: histories, study guides, glossaries and galleries.
Gothic Style Brick Buildings
Information on structures in the Mecklenburg, Vorpommern region of Germany.
Medieval Architecture
Clickable thumbnails of photos and drawings illustrating Early Gothic with links to the High Gothic period, from the Digital Archive of Architecture.
Medieval Architecture: High Gothic
Slides of major Gothic buildings from Jeffery Howe's Digital Archive of Architecture: Notre Dame, Chartres; Notre Dame, Amiens; St. Etienne, Bourges; Ste. Chapelle, Paris; Cologne Cathedral.
The Nature of Gothic
An extract from John Ruskin's influential book "The Stones of Venice" (1851-3).
New York Carver
A virtual Gothic cathedral project, featuring articles, photo galleries of Gothic architectural details and an illustrated glossary of terms. Image of the day, screensaver, newsletter, resources.
Sculpture for Buildings: Medieval Europe
The Metropolitan Museum of Art uses its extensive collection to present an online tutorial.
St. Joseph Messenger: Architecture
For young viewers...a concise answer to the question: What makes it Gothic?
Wikipedia: Gothic Architecture
An illustrated description of the origins and characteristics of the style and its variants and revival. It includes a list of notable Gothic structures.

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