The style adopted by the civilization centred on ancient Rome and culminating in the Roman Empire. While it borrowed heavily from the ancient Greeks in the use of the three orders, there were innovations, notably the use of arches, vaults and concrete.

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Ancient and Classical Architecture
Howard Partridge provides a gallery of his photographs of buildings and ruins in Rome from c.179 BC to 141 AD. Part of the Cupola Collection.
Ancient Roman Architecture
Great Buildings Online provides images and commentary on some of the best-known buildings of the Roman world.
The Colosseum
Comprehensive coverage by Andrea and Daniele Pepe and Catherine McElwee of the history and architecture of greatest amphitheatre of antiquity, built by the Flavian emperors in the first century AD.
Encyclopaedia Romana
James Grout's collection of articles, plans and pictures of ancient Rome and its remains, with an extensive bibliography. Includes Vitruvius's comments on temple architecture.
Flickr: Roman Empire
Anything involving the Roman world. Archaeology, historic sites re-enactment and art.
Forum Romanum
Photographs and description of the Forum Romanum, monument by monument, by René Seindal.
A Gazetteer of the Roman World
This section of Bill Thayer's huge Lacus Curtius site provides many photographs of cities and monuments of the ancient Roman world, some with detailed commentary.
The Pompeian House
Essay on the construction and decoration of the Pompeian House.
Pompeii Forum Project
This study of the forum by the University of Virginia includes a photographic survey of its architecture and sensitive maps of Pompeii and its forum leading to 360-degree panoramas.
Roman Architecture
Course notes by Dr. Franklin Toker of Pittsburgh University, providing an illustrated introduction and major works.
Roman Architecture
An illustrated introduction to Roman columns and arches by Jordan Drew, with images of famous Roman buildings and the three main orders - Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.
Roman Baths
Essay on the design and functions of Roman Baths by J.K. Gillon.
Roman Domestic Architecture: A Bibliography
This bibliography compiled by Joshua Brandt lists sources in German, Italian, French, and (primarily) English.
Rome Reborn
An international project which aims to create a digital model illustrating the entire urban development of ancient Rome. Users can navigate the model or view still images.
Rome: Ancient Sites
Virtual reconstructions of the Theatre of Marcellus and Circus Maximus.
The Ruins of Rome
David Chaszar's photographs and descriptions of various ancient Roman ruins located in Rome and Ostia.
Temple Complex of Fortuna Primigenia in Palastrina
Computer model of the temple complex built by Sulla, complete with walkthroughs. Also photographs of the existing remains.
Timgad, Algeria
Tore Kjeilen provides a plan and brief description of the substantial remains of this Roman town in North Africa - a World Heritage Site. Photograph of Trajan's Arch.
Trajan's Column
Paul Barrette's history, image database and discussion of this 100-foot marble sculptural monument built during the reign of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD).
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