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Institutions of higher learning, or sections of them, offering graduate and/or post-graduate courses in architectural history.

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Brown University, US: Department of History of Art and Architecture
Offers an architectural studies program. Undergraduate and graduate programs, courses, facilities, faculty and staff.
Center for the Study of Architecture/Archaeology
Housed on Bryn Mawr Campus, US, it provides an archival home for computer models of architectural monuments and archaeological sites.
Connecticut College Architectural Studies
Offers architectural history. Gives the aims and objectives of the college and information on its courses, students, faculty members, alumni.
Cornell University, US: Department of Architecture
Offers an M.A. and Ph.D. in history of architecture and urbanism. Includes student handbook, news and events.
Harvard, US: Department of The History of Art and Architecture
Offers information about the department and its faculty, as well as courses taught.
Institute of Classical Architecture
Founded in 1991 in New York to provide a resource for the study, research and perpetuation of the classical tradition.
Moscow State University
Departments of Russian History of Art and General History of Art offer some architectural history. English language outline of course content.
Princeton University, US: Department of Art and Archaeology
Offers undergraduate and graduate programs which can include architecture. History of the department and details of programs and courses.
Texas A&M University: Department of Architecture
Offers architectural history and theory as an optional addition to the core curriculum for architecture. Course details.
University of Melbourne, Australia: Faculty of Architecture Building & Planning
Offers postgraduate programs in architectural history and conservation.
University of Virginia, US
School of Architecture, Department of Architectural History. Curriculum covers both great monuments and vernacular traditions.
Yale University, US: History of Art
Courses, events, Art and Architecture Library, Yale Center for British Art, digital resources.
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