Mental hospitals designed on the plan recommendations of Thomas Story Kirkbride. This category includes web sites for non-Kirkbride-related features on mental hospital grounds that have or once had Kirkbride buildings.

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Clinton Valley Center - An Album of Images and History
Historic information along with modern and historic images of the former Pontiac State Hospital in Michigan.
The Demise of Pontiac State Hospital
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit site presents this well-documented and well-illustrated tour of the former Pontiac State Hospital (Clinton Valley Center) at a time when it had been partially demolished during 2000.
Elgin State Hospital Annex
Postcard image of annex at Elgin State Hospital in Illinois, accompanied by description of early history.
Fergus Falls State Hospital Complex
Minnesota Historical Society page with history, context, modern color photos, and links to related historic buildings.
Forgotten Photography
A photographic journey by David and Karie Esmann through some of the historical asylums and state hospitals of the United States.
Insane Asylum Number 3, Nevada, Missouri
Page by London Irwin featuring several historic postcard images of the old Nevada State Hospital.
Institute of Penn. Hospital Getting a New Lease on Life
Philadelphia Business Journal article concerning re-use of Dr Kirkbride's mental hospital building.
Kirkbride Buildings
Information on Thomas Story Kirkbride and his mental hospital plan. Includes photographs of several Kirkbride buildings.
Kirkbride's Hospital
Historic District web page with detailed description of this pioneering Philadelphia hospital and its history.
A Mental Hospital's Breakdown
April 20, 2003 article from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette concerning history and pending demolition of Dixmont State Hospital.
Michigan Historical Marker - Clinton Valley Center
Michigan Historical Markers page on asylum building designed by Elijah E. Myers and completed in 1878.
Places in Worcester - Asylum For the Insane
Community page with historic anecdotes from several submitters, and old postcard views.
St. Elizabeths Hospital
Historic Medical Sites page concerning this federal government mental hospital in Washington, D.C., with recent photo of the center of the Kirkbride building.
Town Sees Red Over Police Vandalism (Weston, West Virginia)
Article from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from June 1999 about the former Weston State Hospital in West Virginia. The article gives equal attention to a police vandalism incident and plans to re-use the building.
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