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Buildings designed to lodge and care for the sick, injured, aged, infirm, disabled or mentally disordered. Medieval hospitals housing the poor, lepers, aged and infirm are included, even if medical care was minimal.

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Burleson Sanitarium History Page
History of Grand Rapids, Michigan sanitarium devoted to rectal disorders.
The Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital Shrine
A "cyberspace shrine" for the abandoned Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital, Maidenhead, England.
The Changing Face of Borgess
Early history including architectural information of Borgess Hospital, founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1889.
Edgewood State Hospital
Railroad-oriented page features some building photos of this Long Island, New York mental hospital which has long since been closed.
Fairfield Hills State Hospital
Gallery of photographs of this former Connecticut mental hospital.
Fairfield State Hospital
Online history of Fairfield State Hospital in CT with photos.
Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Project
Web site dedicated to the history of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Contains patient files, and photo galleries.
Glore Psychiatric Museum. Roadside America
Road report and review of the Glore Psychiatric Museum at the former mental hospital site. St. Joseph, Missouri.
Hastings Regional Center
Rootsweb page with history of Hastings Regional Center in Nebraska.
Historic Asylums of America
An attempt to catalog and present America's historic state hospitals (insane asylums) founded in the latter half of the 19th century.
The History of Oak Grove Hospital
Vintage account at a genealogy site of the early history of the Oak Grove mental hospital in Flint, Michigan.
The History of Rotherham's Hospitals
Illustrated history of four United Kingdom hospitals.
History of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health
Illustrated history of South Carolina State Hospital and the State Department of Mental Health.
Hospital Architecture In Montreal
Mcgill University provides a searchable database of images, a case study of the Royal Victoria Hospital, and a bibliography.
Hospitals of Hamilton, Ontario
Pre-World War I postcard images of medical hospital, asylum, and sanatorium postcards in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Illinois State Institutions in the Early Days
Overview of historic Illinois state institutions for the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, and other populations.
Kew Asylum Museum
The Australian Science Academy Project explains its creation of a museum to document the history of this 19th-century former asylum in Victoria. Includes an illustrated history by Daniel Cass.
LIRR State Hospital Spurs
Information on Long Island, New York state hospitals and how they were served by the Long Island Railroad.
New York State Inebriate Asylum
Founded 1858 and designed by architect Isaac Perry. Now known as Binghamton State Hospital. Contains recent and vintage photos, historical info, rare documents, links, and forum.
Normansfield Hospital (UK)
Photo gallery of Normansfield Hospital, founded by John Langdon Down in 1868 for people with learning disabilities.
Northville Tunnels
History of Northville mental hospital complex in Michigan, with many recent photos.
Norwich State Hospital
Gallery of modern photos.
The Old Operating Theatre Museum
Britain's oldest surviving operating theatre. Provides history of the museum, details of its facilities, a virtual tour and mailing list.
Owosso Sanitarium
Illustrated article about sanitarium at Gute Hill in Owosso, Michigan
Pennsylvania Hospital: History: Virtual Tour
Illustrated virtual tour of hospital originally designed by architect Samuel Rhoads.
Pennsylvania State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Brief architectural specification page concerning mental institution in Farview, Wayne County, Pennsylvania.
Pilgrim State Hospital
Photographs of the abandoned buildings at Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center in Brentwood, New York.
Poorhouse Story
Extensive site concerning the history of poorhouses.
Public Hospital
Official page for the museum in the reconstructed Public Hospital at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; first opened in 1773.
Public Hospital in Colonial Williamsburg
Article about this early mental hospital in Virginia
St. Joseph's Sanitarium and Bath House
Genealogy-related page with image and early history of medical/spa sanitarium in Mt. Clemens near Detroit.
Binghamton State Hospital
Donna Thomas reports on the preservation prospects of this former mental hospital building in New York, designed by Isaac Perry. (March 01, 2000)
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