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Castles of Japan
Takashi Toyooka offers a location map, brief description, thumbnail photographs and any relevant links for each castle. Select via an interactive map or an index. Bibliography.
Constructed reason,record of war,size of building.
Guide to Japanese Castles
Eric Obershaw provides a general history and description of castles in Japan, and photographs of castles he has visited, with histories taken from the official brochures and display text.
Japanese Castle
History, movie, and links.
Japanese Castle Explorer
An interactive map, pictures and information about the Castles of Japan.
Japanese Castles
A few photographs by Jamie Marconi of the more famous castles in Japan.
Japanese Castles
List of castle ruins and history.
Japanese castles
Structures, castle town, history, guard tower and wall and moat.
Japanese Castles
Read guides to Japanese castles and Japanese castle architecture including Himeji Castle, Kumamoto Castle, Nijo Castle and other important castles.
Japan’s 100 Famous Castles And Castle Ruins
Famous 100 castles map in JAPAN. Selected by the authority(JAPAN CASTLE Association )
Nijo Castle
Kyoto castle built by the first Tokugawa shogun.
Oshiro Meguri Fan
Gallery in Japan castle and city's setting.
Shiro: A Japanese Castle
Stephen Wyley discusses the development and aspects of Japanese castles. Drawings by Steven Lowe.
Virtual Tour Himeji Castle
History, map, tour and gallery of photographs of this magnificent timber castle on a stone base, built in 1601 by Terumasa Ikeda - a World Heritage site. By Hakurotowa No Kai.
Wikipedia: Azuchi Castle
An illustrated history and description of this fortress built 1576-1579 by Oda Nobunaga on the shores of Lake Biwa.
Wikipedia: Edo Castle
An illustrated history and description of this castle built in 1457 by Ōta Dōkan in what is now the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo.
Wikipedia: Osaka Castle
An illustrated history and description of this important castle, built from 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
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