Fortified habitations, usually built and occupied during medieval times. Castle replicas built as homes in later centuries and not intended for defence are not included in this category, unless the replica is a faithful reconstruction of an historical building on its original site.

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Castle Land
Photographs of castles and ruins in Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary) with brief history and location.
The Castle of Lari
This medieval castle near Pisa, Italy, was transformed over the centuries into a luxurious governor's residence. An illustrated history, guide to notable buildings of Lari, and visitor information.
Castle of Sypesteyn
The official site of this mock-medieval castle in Netherlands built around 1900 by C.H.C.A. van Sypesteyn, who intended it as an authentic reconstruction.
Castle Tirol
Photographs and outline history of this medieval castle in Northern Italy - now a museum - from Dorf Tirol.
Images and descriptions of several castles in Europe and Himeji Castle, Japan, with references, from Great Buildings Online.
Castles and Castle Ruins in the Netherlands
Enthusiast Marko Tjemmes supplies clear histories of castles close to his home in Rotterdam, illustrated with photographs, earlier images and ground plans. Bibliography.
Castles and Fortresses in 3D
Jeffrey Cooper's photographs of castles and fortresses in Europe, including some in three dimensions, with instructions on how to view.
Castles of Poland
Information about castles presently within the Polish borders illustrated with photographs, plans, drawings, sketches and reconstructions. Search engine and detailed map are available.
Castles of the Crown of Castile
A bilingual site, English and Spanish, about the castles of this ancient Spanish kingdom. The castles are arranged by geographical category.
Castles of the Middle Ages
An introduction to castles - their purpose, rooms, and defenses - and descriptions of some of the most famous in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Eastern Europe. Includes weddings in castles.
Castles of the United States
Castle-fan Jim is building himself a mock-medieval home. Here he gathers images of other imitation castles in the US.
Castles of the World
Extensive collection of castles, palaces, fortresses and monasteries. Organized with search engine, maps, descriptions, photos and a directory.
Castles of Tuscany
P.Ramponi's comprehensive guide navigated via an index and interactive maps. Readable history and photographs for each of the many castles or walled towns.
Castles, Chateaux and Manor Houses
History, purpose, architecture, sieges, examples, photographs, castle tours, renting and hiring castles, châteaux and manor houses
Cathar Castles
Cathar Castles of the Languedoc: descriptions, locations, photographs, maps, site plans, history and primary source materials.
Egeskov Castle
Renaissance moated castle in Denmark from 1554 with information in English, Danish and German. Includes a large park with beautiful gardens, and an old-timer museum.
Exploring Castles
Photographs and history of castles in England, Scotland, Wales and Europe.
Flickr: Castles - Castillos
Castle photographs shared in an online group.
Flickr: Castles of Europe
Photography group for people who like images of castles.
Flickr: European Castles
A group to spotlight the beauty that is the European Castle.
Helfstyn Castle
Roman Derych provides an illustrated introduction to the history and architectural development of one of the best preserved castle complexes in the Czech Republic.
Hohensalzburg Castle
Guide about the Hohensalzburg castle in Salzburg, Austria.
Hwasongsong Castle
Describes the construction of this fortress built in Suwon, Korea by King Jeongjo.
Medieval castles
Informative website containing the history of the castles built in the Dark Ages. It also features stories and torture devices employed.
Medieval Siege
Companion site to the NOVA program on castles.
Pulyn-Y-Aleg Castle
Official Website of the Pulyn-Y-Aleg Castle preservation trust Beautiful and mysterious castle on the Welsh coast.
Robert Rongen presents images and brief details of hundreds of medieval castles, sorted by country, region and castle type. Includes a quick guide to castle types with plans, and a list of the top 100 castles, as rated by surfers.
Torrione Castle
An Italian fortress dating from the Middle Ages, though much altered. History and archival images.
Treasures and Mysteries of the Malbork Castle
Tourist guide Czeslaw Pajak describes the attractions of this medieval brick castle in Poland, once headquarters of the Teutonic Knights.
Wikipedia: Krak des Chevaliers
An illustrated history of the great Crusader castle in Syria.

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