Defensive works, walls and towers of all periods.

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The Alhambra of Granada
Information on the Alhambra including tours and opening hours.
Featuring underground military installations in Britain and France.
Chester: A Virtual Stroll Around the Walls
Steve Howe of the Black and White Picture Place provides a guide around the Roman and medieval city wall. Map, modern and archival images with description and history, including quotations from primary sources.
Fort McHenry, Baltimore, United States
Built 1794-1803 on a five-pointed star plan. Description and photographs from National Park Service Baltimore Travel Itinerary.
Fort Siloso
The story of the sole restored coastal artillery fort from Fortress Singapore, 1874 to the present.
Fort Ticonderoga
Historic tourist attraction located in Ticonderoga, New York. Offers tours, historic galleries, walking trails and gardens for visitors.
Fort Wiki
Dedicated to documenting historical forts, camps and stations that provided security and protection for the United States and Canada.
Fortifications of Belarus
History of fortifications of Belarus
The Fortress of Neuf-Brisach, France
Illustrated description from an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, of the fortress town constructed 1698-1720, designed by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban.
Kronstadt fortress
Guide in St. Petersburg, where a special portal is dedicated to the history and the present.
Medieval Fortifications
Expandable thumbnail images of Aigues-Mortes, Carcassonne and Pierrefonds in France from Jeffrey Howe's Digital Archive of Architecture.
The medieval fortified town of Aigues Mortes
Fortified town in the South of France with its original 13th century walls and towers, built by King Louis IX.
Northern Fortress
Fortresses of northwest Russia and Finland. Photographs, maps, histories, and personal observations.
Parks Canada: Fortress of Louisbourg
History, description, images and visitor information for the reconstructed 18th-century fortified town.
Stephen Wyley's Fortification Pages
Provides introductions with bibliographies to military architecture, siege warfare, castles and Anglo-Saxon burhs. Images and information on sites including Constantinople, Masada, Shiro and Ankara.
U.S. Forting
A Blog detailing visits to historical military fortifications in the United States.
Wilton Castle
The romantic ruins of a restored castle and manor house.

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