Voice Over and Voice Acting, often referred to in writing as voiceover, are relatively broad terms for what is in actuality, a highly specialized field of audio production. Voice actors supply their voices to audio productions across a broad spectrum of applications. From radio, television and film, to training videos, telephone systems, books on tape, internet multi-media and other forms of motion picture and audio production, voice actors supply the "voice over" for the production. Voice Over can be most clearly defined as "Hearing a person speak in some sort of production, yet never actually seeing them when they do." Voice Over is much more than just simply speaking into a microphone and recording it. Often times, the most successful voice actors and voice over professionals go through some sort of training in order to learn how to better perform the craft, or art of voice acting. The people who train these voice over talent and voice actors are called voice over coaches. Generally, "voice over" coaches are specialists in training people in the field of commercial and narrative voice over and commercial applications of the human voice as a product, and should not be confused with business vocal coaches, singing coaches or speech pathologists. However, in the "voice coaching" industry there are certain areas where voice coaching of one variety may overlap with another. It is not uncommon when looking for a voice coach, to find coaches offering a wide variety of services in many different categories. Some voice coaches are very general in nature when it comes to the types of services they offer and others are specialists in particular categories.

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A1 Voice Artist
Learn voice over acting techniques and vocal warm-ups from Rodney Saulsberry. Find audio demos, videos and vocal exercises.
The Acting Studio
Bill Smith, Denver, Colorado. Actor, director, and producer for three decades offers coaching in voice-over technique, demo scripting, accents and dialects, and voice and speech training.
Animation voice acting workshops, group seminars and private voice over coaching provided by Debbi Munro. Character audio demos and detailed class descriptions.
Speech trainer for actors and drama instructor. Includes articles and profile. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Tobias Entertainment Group
Resource for established industry professionals offering consulting, production, content and sound design. Site includes audio samples, client list and contact information.
Voice Acting
Coaching focuses on acting techniques, taught by author James R. Alburger. Site includes free resource links.
The Voice Over Coach
Private online training classes and digital audio instruction from Michael Minetree. Educational articles, videos and discussion forum.
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