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Collection of reviews.
The Big Picture Review: The Iron Giant
DVD review by Jeff McNeal. "One of the absolute finest animation transfers that The Big Picture has had the pleasure of screening."
ChildCare Action Project Reviews Iron Giant
A hyper-conservative review of the film.
A Hugely Entertaining Classic
By Paul Tatara. [] "Iron Giant is not only the best animated feature to be released this summer, it's the single best film to hit our screens so far this year."
IMDb: Iron Giant Review
by Scott Renshaw.
IMDb: Iron Giant Review
by Susan Granger.
In Praise & Celebration of The Iron Giant
Viewer comments and reviews from Ain't It Cool News. Only one negative review out of several dozen here. That's unheard of for any film in this decade, animated or not.
The Iron Giant
A parental look at the film by ScreenIt - "Entertainment Reviews for Parents".
The Iron Giant - Gosh Darnit, It's Brilliant!
More viewer reviews and discussion on the film, from Ain't It Cool News.
Iron Giant Review, V. 2.0
Second review by AICN creator Harry Knowles. [Ain't It Cool News] Iron Giant, The
A cross-section of reviews from top critics.
Movie Review: The Iron Giant
by Jeff Vice, Deseret News movie critic.
Rotten Tomatoes: Iron Giant
Reviews, articles, ratings polls, and a number of related links.
Sir Thanks-Alot looks at The Iron Giant
Yet more praise, reviews, and discussion on the film from AICN.
The Iron Giant
Review by renowned film critic, Roger Ebert. [Chicago Sun-Times] (August 06, 1999)
Ain't It Cool News: Iron Giant Review
by "Moriarity". (February 01, 1999)
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