This category is for all Transformers sites of a general nature covering different aspects of the Transformers Universe.

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The Allspark
Community site (established 1999) covering all aspects of the hobby offers forum, news, chat, articles, interviews, toy reviews, and articles.
Autobots Transform and Roll out
Sound room (WAV format), image gallery (including one of Optimus in CGI), downloadable TF games and links. [Best viewed with Internet Explorer]
Greg Gaub's Transformers Page
A fan site with the TF Fan Code Generator, the Fan Spec Database, TF greeting cards, an e-mail discussion list, fan art galleries, an interactive story, RPG game, Tech Spec creator, toy collection photograph gallery, jokes and a VRML TF world.
Kiro's Secure Decepticon Kreations Workshop
Personal page with technical specifications and recommended links.
Lukis Bros Transformers Collector Site
Collector site with pictures and reviews of all generations. Also with details on where to purchase merchandise.
Rob's Pile of Transformers
Original fan fiction, quotes from the cartoons and comics, shrines to Nightbeat and Bludgeon, sound files of background music from the cartoons, humor, essential TF links, reviews and commentary.
Transformers news and information, screen captures galore, message board, episode downloads, toy/cartoon/comic reviews, caption contests, eBay listings, fan works, and links.
Transformers news and information, figure reviews, show details, and newsletters. - Transformers Wiki
Vast encyclopedic resource of fan-contributed and maintained data covering the entirety of all that is Transformers.
Transformer World 2005
Graphics-intensive multimedia and news information resource for all Transformers series, toys, and related merchandise. Includes music, photos, reviews, videos, podcasts, fan art and fiction, discussion and sale/trade forums, and character/toy profiles. Also home to Radicons: a resource for TF custom toys and figures.
Transformers @ The Moon
UK-based site dedicated to the Transformers, featuring over 1000 pictures of TF toys and collectibles as well as scans of the UK comics series. Also includes fan art and fiction, audio and video downloads, and recommended links.
The Transformers.Net
United Kingdom-based TF fansite with news, reviews, media, and release information. - Transformers Wiki
User-contributed database of TF information.
Wikipedia - Transformers
User-contributed encyclopedia entry.
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