Jem, the musical animated series by Sunbow Productions in collaboration with Marvel Productions, aired on TV in 1985-1988, and is based on the dolls by Hasbro. The cartoon follows the adventures of Jerrica Benton, who by the touch of her microprojector earrings can contact the holographic computer Synergy and become the "Truly Outrageous" pinkhaired rocksinger Jem. Together with her allgirl rockband the Holograms, she faces competition from the rival rockband the Misfits and their manager Eric Raymond, aswell as later also from the Stingers. The story of this colorful cartoon was developed by the writer Christy Marx. Each episode consisted of several songs, presented in form of music videos. Although the doll line lasted for only two years, the brand made a lasting impression together with its cartoon. 30 years after its debute, the brand still has a large fanbase, and is seeing commemorative releases of products like a doll line, and even a live-action movie.

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Episode guide, characters appearances, song lyrics, Jem Vs My Little Pony, and a doll guide including international variations.
Jem Animated
A tribute blog to the animation and news about it.
Jem Forever
Pictures, character list, and related links.
The Jem Jam
Blog with news and its own podcast.
Jem Legacy
A standalone forum community with several boards and topics.
Jem Things & Stuff
A guide to the doll line, including a price guide, commercials, as well as an episode guide, song lyrics, and games. Requires registration to view.
An annual fan convention with activities and famous gueststars.
Rock Jem
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Songs of Jem
Trivia and analyze about appearance of songs and themes therein.
Dedicated to returning the show to television. Includes a petition, fan artwork and images from various shows, audio clips of songs, and event listing.
Spice Girls Vs. Jem
How the Spice Girls are suspiciously like Jem and The Holograms.
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Blog covering various areas surrounding the brand, as well as fanwork.
Stingers Invasion
Stingers site with pictures, Stingers background, and other character profiles.
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