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Revolutionary Girl Utena, also known as Shôjo Kakumei Utena or La Fillette Révolutionnaire, is a surreal shôjo fantasy-drama about a young girl named Tenjou Utena attending an exclusive private school. As a young girl grieving the loss of her parents, Utena was comforted by a handsome prince. Giving her a ring to remember the day, and promising that they will meet again, the Prince encouraged her to retain her strength and nobility even when she was older. Utena in fact was so impressed by the Prince that she grew up wanting to become a maiden-rescuing prince herself. "But was that really such a good idea?" Years later, as she attends the expansive Ohtori Academy, Utena becomes involved with the Student Council, whose members each possess a ring identical to hers. Utena is drawn deeper and deeper into the council's ritualistic sword duels over engagement to the Rose Bride, a submissive girl with mysterious powers said to allow one to "bring the world revolution." The fairy-tale-like atmosphere and generally cheerful opening bely the underlying complexity of this surreal and increasingly dark psychological drama. The astute viewer will find their perceptions questioned throughout this highly symbolic series and well beyond the thought-provoking finale. Originally released by Central Park Media in 1999, the remainder of the series (episodes 14-39) has recently been acquired and is now in production for a US release.

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