AOL-based games inspired by the television anime Dragon Ball Z and related TV series.

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Algotink's Dbz Rpg
Offers rules and member list.
The Chibi Dragon Ball Z RPG
AIM/AOL based. Includes list of rules, details of how to join and play, character profiles, and a chat room.
Dbaf Revenge
Includes details of the transformations, characters, moves, and rules in the game.
The DBZ Arena
Single-moderator game using the standard characters, played in a private chat room.
DBZ Final Fight RPG
An AOL and AIM-based online game with characters from the series.
DBZ Maze
Single-owner game allowing user-created characters.
How to join, rules, members, moves, planets, power levels, jobs, items, training, and other game information.
Digital Goku's DBZ RPG
Includes rules, joining information, details of the gameplay features, and a link to the chat room.
Dragon Ball AD
AOL based with how to join, characters, store, quests and rules.
Dragon Ball Z RPG 2000
Single owner game. Features rules, character list and message board.
Dragonball Z Dimension
Offers rules, message board and member list.
Dragonball Z RPG War
Members, rules and joining information.
Evil Goku's Ultimate RPG
Rules, joining information, and details of items, moves, and tournaments.
Final Battle 13
Two-moderator game that requires characters begin as children.
AIM/AOL based. Includes member profiles, a list of items, and a message board.
Gohan's Dragonball Z Role Playing Game 2
AOL chatroom based. Includes details of how to join and play the game, AOL chatrooms for battles and training, and a list of members, with statistics.
Goku's DBZ Guild
Details of how to join, a list of members, rules, and an AOL chat room for members.
Goku's Dragon Ball Z RPG
Single-owner game allowing player-created characters, played on AIM.
The Last Super Sayjin Assassins
Single-moderator game allowing player-created characters.
Mystic Dragonball Z RPG
Joining information, jobs, members and rules.
Oshtoby and Blade's Dragonball Z RPG
AOL chatroom based. Includes joining information, member statistics, and details of items and transformations.
Piccolo's Palace
Multi-referee game using the standard characters.
Planet DBZ RPG
AOL with characters, game information, how to join and rules.
Saiyan Soup RPG
AOL based. Includes information about joining and playing the game, along with GIFs.
Sayian Entity Rpg
Joining, members, quests and training.
Ultimate Dbz Rpg
Offers a member list with statistics and rules.
Vegeta Goku and Piccolos Rpg
Includes rules, member and character lists and a message board.
Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo's DBZ RPG
Multi-moderator game using the standard characters, and requiring AIM.
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