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THEM Anime Review
Dedicated to reviews, as well as information, humor, and discussion on Japanese animation.
60's Anime
A timeline with information and reviews regarding series of the 1960s. Also includes some rare '60s cartoons (non-animé).
Aligator Pop
Featured reviews and articles about anime, manga, comic, movie and music works.
AniManga Corner
Review archives of popular anime series and movies.
Animated Meanderings
Personal blog with anime and manga news and reviews.
Anime Diet
Anime team blog and podcast, with reviews, editorials, news commentaries, and convention videos.
The Anime Review
Large collection of anime reviews sorted by genre.
Contains several anime reviews submitted by users.
Provides an overview of anime reviews and scores from different sites.
A community and online magazine offering information and media on anime, manga, jpop and jrock.
Baka Updates
Features news and release dates for popular Anime titles.
Black Moon Japanese Culture
Articles, glossary, reviews, and art contests, as well as information on Japanese culture and art.
Chill's Land of Eternal Weirdness
Fan art, anime model gallery, and multimedia of animés like Pokémon, Outlaw Star, and Macross 2.
Community Anime Reviews
A review site where anyone can add their own reviews. Multiple listings of by category, reviewer, and title.
Anime reviews, essays, community-written impressions, general information, wallpapers and images.
A comprehensive information database dealing with Gundam and Dragonball--mobile suits and Japanese animated sagas. Covers series information, story background, merchandise, and links.
Fans can submit and view ratings, polls, and reviews of anime series.
Exploded Goat
Anime, music, video game and movie reviews , including in depth features and episode guides.
Summaries and links for One Piece, Mahoujin Guru Guru, Kodomo no Omocha and other obscure titles. Also doujinshi, fan fiction and research papers.
J Project
Reviews (includes Godzilla), introduction, articles, links and fan fiction.
Just Another Anime Site
General information about, Magic Knight Rayearth, Escaflowne, Serial Experiments Lain, Angel Sanctuary and Utena.
Laura's Pardise
Character information on series like Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Digimon, Lain, and Ranma 1/2. Also has anime reviews, RPGs, and gallery.
Lord Ashram's Anime Reviews
Collection of reviews; includes images. Review submissions accepted.
Otaku Reviews
Reviews of animé series, movies, and music videos.
Otaku World
Various links and information plus downloads.
Paradise on Earth
Contains reviews on different animés like fushigi yuugi, card captor sakura, ayashi no ceres, and rurouni kenshin. Also has a multimedia section.
Recommended Anime
Recommendations on Japanese animation masterpieces, with brief comments. Reviews done by a Japanese living in Tokyo.
Rossman's Reviews and Ratings
Animé reviews site.
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog
Daily summaries and reviews of the newest anime series.
Sub Rosa: Rare and Literary Anime
Database of literary and old animé, focusing on Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater series. Staff listings, video release information, pictures, and reviews.
Subzero Anime Network
A network with information on series including Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy, Card Captors, and Gundam Wing.
Torrasque's Realm
A site containing mostly anime reviews and game tips. Other items contained in the site are links for anime research, and Internet Relay Chat networks.
Yamitsuki Anime
Animé reviews of series like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Trigun. Also has some theme songs and clips.
A page where you can give your opinions and make requests for what you want to see on the page.

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