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News, information, frequently asked questions about Japanese culture with regard to anime. A character database, and a guide to shops in Akihabara.
Animanga Services
Shops, graphical index of French and English translated anime, mailing lists, forum, and link directory.
The Anime Cafe
Episode-by-episode reviews of numerous anime series and movies, as well as trivia and a cross-referenced encyclopedia with images and audio clips.
Anime Characters Database
Visual search engine for animated characters. Search images by visual traits such as eye color, hair color, hair length, age, and gender.
Anime Crave
Offers live chat with anime fans around the world. Also offers news, reviews and anime videos.
Anime Cubed
Wallpaper, images, contests, reviews, music, lyrics, manga translations, and postcards.
Anime Evo
News, reviews, previews, special feature articles and image galleries.
Anime Lives
Anime and manga news, DVD releases, trailers, reviews, fan fiction, image galleries, links, forum, live chat, and games.
Anime Macrocosm
DVD news, information and release schedules.
Anime on TV
Lists stations and air dates for shows on US and Canadian television.
Anime Room
Not your typical anime merchandise portal site.
Anime Rulezzz
Unique articles and fan fictions, fan art, read manga online, download anime and manga.
Anime Shack
News, images, fan art, fan fiction, wallpaper, reviews and links.
Anime Theme
Contains themes and wallpapers.
Anime and manga database, reviews, and social networking features such as blogs and the ability to keep track of what you've seen and read.
Reports on new anime series, conventions, fansub releases, and video games. Also offers reviews, editorials, manga translations, biographies of voice actors, Japanese history, and information about anime being televised in North America.
Anime and Manga online database with a search engine, general information, genre, japanese studios, U.S distribution, cast and characters.
Bibliographies of online and offline resources and research papers related to manga and anime.
Anime news, reviews, wallpaper, fan art, editorials, contests, and forums.
Arctic Nightfall
Information, multimedia, news, series index, movie index and fan art.
Wallpaper, music, lyrics, gallery, reviews and fan art.
Being Upfront: A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women in Anime
Guide to overendowed girls with pictures (no nudity).
Keiichi Anime Forever
Anime forums, multimedia, roleplaying, fan art, manga scans, translation services, and a guide to downloading fan-subtitled anime.
Online Bibliography of Anime and Manga Research
A guide to books, book chapters, and articles in scholarly/academic journals on all aspects of Japanese animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga).
Web portal for Ottawa, Canada, with community events, local clubs, and shopping guide.
Panchi Worlds of Manga and Anime
Information on series such as Patlabor, Strange Dawn, Nausicaa, Perfect Blue, Sailor Moon, Shamanic Princess, and Touch. Italian and English languages.
RNET Entertainment News Site
Editorials and news.
UK Anime Net
Reviews, interviews, articles, downloads, fansubs, and anime availability in the UK.
USA Anime Release Dates
Dates of upcoming US releases of anime and manga.
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