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Forums, message boards, and chat rooms for discussion of anime-related topics.

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Ancient Clan Forums
An active online community that caters to anime, sci-fi, and video game enthusiasts.
Anime Cosmo
General anime as well as title-specific discussions, also several console gaming areas.
Anime Freaks
A discussion board powered by Invision Power Board.
Anime Matrix 3000
Contests, image galleries, chat room, and message board. Yahoo group; requires registration.
Anime Neko
A message board powered by Invision Power Board.
Anime Red
Anime, manga, and RPG forums with specific areas for various fan works.
Free java-based chat rooms and IRC server. Also features fan artwork.
Anime message boards grouped by community chit-chat, specific titles, roleplaying, music, fan art, fan fiction, movies, video games, and news.
Discussion board with anime reviews and multimedia.
Animenation Forums
Message boards cover general anime topics, fan works, conventions, clubs, toys, and music.
Discussions for anime, hentai, manga, bishoujo games, soundtracks, live action films, as well as social topics.
Beloved Anime
A discussion board powered by Invision Power Board.
Bodhisattva Cathedral
A message board on proboards.
Canofoo's Anime Conversations
Forums for several titles including Gundam, Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, and Love Hina.
Chibi Otaku Paradise
Texas-based cosplay group site. Topics mainly focus on anime conventions and costumes.
Christian Anime Alliance
A discussion board that was created by christian fans. Discussion topics include reviews, games, role playing games and art.
DOA Graphic Connection
A proboards discussion board.
Flying Koi Anime
Message board for anime, manga, music, and games. Includes areas for fanworks, neko discussion, and off-topic subjects.
The Garden of Dreams
Message board for discussions on anime and manga, RPGs, and art.
Icchan Laboratory
A general anime and manga forum with a dedicated section for Angelic Layer.
A discussion board dedicated to providing its members with role playing games.
A discussion board on proboards.
Natalie's CCS Mansion Forums
Discusses all aspects of anime series. Focuses on Card Captor Sakura but has sections for other shows and topics.
New World
Anime, games, and computer discussions.
An anime community with forums, auctions, and a search engine.
An anime and video game community with general anime as well as series specific discussions for Dragonball, Digimon, and Gundam among others.
Sakaseyou RPGs
An anime RPG board featuring various series.
Schweet Forums
A discussion board powered by Invision Power Board.
The Storm Will Anime Forum
General anime and manga discussion with a section for non-Japanese animation.
Taijiya no Mura
Discussions for specific titles such as Inu-Yasha, Rurouni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Also has general anime and social areas.
Tea's DreamWorld
Discussions include specific titles, DVD releases, previews and reviews, and fan fiction.
Virtual Infusion
Anime, manga, gaming, and fan work discussions.

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