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Advice, how-tos and FAQs on sexuality and sexual techniques, often very explicit, may contain some images.

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Adult Sexual Health Terms Advisor
Information on sexual health terms and phrases.
All Sex Advice
Free message board about sexuality and adult relationships.
All Sex Guide
Information about techniques, adult videos, and sex toys.
Allexperts - Sexuality Question and Answer
Volunteer experts answer your confidential questions about sexuality in a supportive and professional manner. Frequently Answered Questions
Historical document written in 1994.
Ask Lilith
Down to earth sex advice for those who seek wit, compassion and fun answers.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex
Information devoted to the understanding and enjoyment of safe and consensual forms of sexual and sensual expression to those who cannot get tasteful information about it anywhere else.
How To Have Good Sex
This site provides tips, tricks and ideas on how to have good sex. Very elaborate.
How to Lay Girls Guide
Details the seduction and bedding of women.
Koi's Sex Tutorials
Tutorials available on anal intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, shaving, and masturbation.
The love Bunch
Blog on sexual and romantic and relationship topics.
The Lovers' Guide World
Provides frank advice about sex and relationships.
Penis Website
Facts about the size, shape and angle of the erect and flaccid penis, with suggestions on what women really think about penis size.
The Penis, Sex and Masturbation
Men's, women's, and boys' questions about the penis, penis size, sex, masturbation, orgasm, ejaculation, puberty and sexual health.
Sex Techniques and Positions
Free site with photographs of a real-life couple having sex in fifty different positions.
Sex Tutor
Includes sexual advice and techniques and related links.
Sexual Techniques, Positions and First Time Sex
Information on how to make sex better, with advice for young adults making love for the first time. Includes information on relationships and sexual positions.
Sexuality's guide to sexuality.
A Skinful Site
Several tutorials on various sex topics.
Valencia Declaration on Sexual Rights
At the XIII World Congress of Sexology in Valencia, Spain, June 1997, this declaration was approved.

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